Posté le 06/22/2015 - Publié dans They are talking about us

As every year, Exelgreen is proud to contribute to the success of Challenge Against Hunger. The Action Against Hunger initiative saw almost 100 companies, 4778 registered members including 3845 participants, walk, run and dance (zumba and yoga) on Exelgreen artificial turf to fight against world hunger!  


The advantage of artificial turf is that it saves water. Exelgreen supports actions in favour of the human right to access an adequate supply of water. It is this commitment that has quite naturally led the company to approach Action Against Hunger. Exelgreen shows its solidarity by showcasing a profit-sharing initiative in France. So, since 1st January 2014, Exelgreen has given ACF €0.10 cents for every square metre of artificial turf sold. The goal of this initiative is to collect a maximum number of donations to help fund the Association in the countries where it operates.