› Top yarn
In polyethylene, it is generally composed of a single yarn, either flat or C-shaped (or other). Our latest innovation, 3D yarn, is a combination of three tall yarns, of different thicknesses, widths and shapes.

› Curly yarn
The curly yarn brings thickness and comfort while ensuring excellent support. It is made of polyethylene or polypropylene depending on the product.

› Backing
It is generally made of a woven fabric of UV stabilized polypropylene. This part serves as a support for the coating of the artificial grass. It can be single or double, ie with a second layer of polypropylene which reinforces the structure.

› Coating
The coating consists of covering the backing in order to fix the artificial grass yarns. The 2 main coating techniques are latex or polyurethane.

› Tuft
Tufting is a technique that aims to make an artificial grass by inserting different types of yarns in parallel and continuously into a canvas or a prefabricated textile support.

› Dtex
Dtex is the abbreviation of Décitex. Tex is the international unit of fineness of textile fibers. It expresses the weight in grams per 1000m of length. This means that 1 tex equals 1g / km. For example, 8000Dtex tells you that the yarn in question weighs 8kg for 10,000 linear meters.

› Gauge
It corresponds to the distance between two rows of stitching. The stitch is worked in horizontal rows, from left to right and is usually expressed in inches (1 inch = 2.54cm). A gauge of 3 / 8th corresponds to a row every 0.95cm.

› Number of points
We measure a stitch line on 10cm, and we see how many points there are in this distance. The more punctures there are, the more material there is.

› Stitches
This number determines the number of stitches per m². A tuft is made up of several strands.

› pull-out resistance
It is indicated in Newtons, it is the unit of measurement of force, which is equivalent to a kilogram meter per square second. At Exelgreen, all the products we sell are above 30N, a guarantee of quality.

› Permeability
The back of the synthetic grass is perforated with holes every 10cm in order to evacuate the water. This permeability allows 60 liters per minute per m² to flow, which is equivalent to very heavy rain.

› Reach Compliance
Reach certification has been compulsory since the entry into force of the European regulation of the same name in 2007. It guarantees that synthetic turf sold in Europe is free of heavy metals.

› Resilience
This is the guarantee of having an artificial grass resistant to trampling. For this, we are working on the characteristics of the yarns and the density.

› Softness
It's the thrill you feel when you step onto the freshly cut grass. Here, its level varies depending on the height of the grass, the profile and the material used for the yarn.

› Comfort
Depending on its density, comfort, sagging and cushioning will be more pleasant with each step.