Grappels (10 pieces)

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To be spaced every 1m on the periphery of your lawn on soft ground, the fixing grapples will ensure you a long-lasting maintenance thanks to their body with three notches. These grapples will give you a longer lasting hold than conventional staples or hooks.

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Simply fix your artificial grass on soft ground with these grapples in boxes of 10. Their brown head allows them to blend in with the back of the artificial grass while their three-pronged body ensures a better hold than staples. To lay your artificial grass, simply drive the grapple through the backing with a mallet. Space each grapple only about 1 meter apart around the perimeter of your project. See our soft floor installation guide.

Usage : Fixing on soft ground
Spacing : Every 1 meter
Material : Aluminum
Dimensions : 140 x 14 mm
Packing : Box of 10 pieces
Unit weight : 9g


Vous pouvez commander votre longueur au cm

Exemple :
Champ largeur : 2
Champ longueur - mètre : 5
Champ longueur - centimètre : 30
Vous recevrez un rouleau de 2m de large x 5,30m de long