How do you make a resin joint between two synthetic grass strips ?

How do you create an invisible joint with resin ?

Making joints with our synthetic grass resin is easy, and will give you a very solid, permanent installation that will stand the test of time. Follow these simple steps to prepare and apply your resin properly, and get a professional result ! Ready to go ?

Preparing and applying your synthetic grass resin

Mix the hardener with the resin. Your resin is delivered in two containers : a pot and a bottle. It's important to carry out your resin installation in dry weather and with temperatures between 4 and 10 degrees. Curing and opening times vary according to outside temperatures, so we recommend that you refer to the instructions directly on the pot.

You need to obtain a smooth, uniform texture. The better your resin is mixed, the easier it will be to apply. You can use an electric mixer for impeccable results.

Position the joining strip between the two strips. If you want to fix your entire project, once the seams have been made, the resin is applied to the entire periphery of your lawn. The layer should be thin and even. Please note : your fixing will be definitive afterwards, and it will no longer be possible to remove your artificial grass.

Resin mixing
resin texture
Layout of blank splicing strips

Using a notched spatula, apply the resin to the strip. It's important not to use a spatula with notches too far apart. This will make the application of your resin more difficult and less homogeneous.

Fold the two strips edge to edge. At this point, your seam will have its final appearance. Be careful not to glue the strands together ! Making seams with resin is a meticulous job, requiring precision and time.

Use your hand or foot to apply pressure to bond the grass to the resin. Once you've finished laying, brush your synthetic lawn in the opposite direction to the way you laid it, and admire the result ! Would you like to know more about laying on soft or hard ground ?

Hard floor resin application
Fixing grass strips
Pressure on artificial grass

accessories and care for your artificial lawn

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Maintaining my fake lawn

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