Geotextile roll - 2m x 30m

79,90 €

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Geotextile is material designed to protect your artificial grass from the aggressions of the ground. With 2 sizes available, this black geotextile will cover the biggest installations. Masking and anti-UV treated, it stops weeds or other unwanted from growing by stopping the sun's rays and preventing photosynthesis. Be assured, le geotextile allows air and water to pass through to preserve the right moisture level in the ground and ensure aeration. With the anti-weed geotextile, the tedium of weeding and the concerns about drainage will be a thing of the past!

Weight : 120 gr/m²



Vous pouvez commander votre longueur au cm

Exemple :
Champ largeur : 2
Champ longueur - mètre : 5
Champ longueur - centimètre : 30
Vous recevrez un rouleau de 2m de large x 5,30m de long