How do you determine which way to lay your synthetic grass ?

how do I know which way to lay my artificial grass ?

To achieve a very natural result, it is imperative to respect the laying direction of your artificial grass and to position all the strips in the same direction. If this is not the case, the result will be unnatural and you'll notice color differences. For larger projects, we advise you to draw up a freehand layout plan, which will help you position your rolls and order the quantity of m2 required for your project. Here are the steps explained in detail.

Strands of synthetic grass always have a natural slope, due to the tufting process. On our synthetic grass products, the strands are inclined towards the length of the roll.

For a natural look, the wires should be angled towards the spot from which you'll most often be looking at your lawn. Place the roller at your feet and unroll it.

For an aesthetic result, the strands must be inclined towards your main gaze. In other words, they will point towards you when flattened.

Laying direction
Main viewpoint
Roller arrangement

The result will not be aesthetically pleasing if your turf strips are not laid in the same direction. As in the image below, you'll have the impression of having laid two different lawns.

The effect will be harmonious if the strips of artificial grass are laid in the same direction. Finally, brush your artificial grass in the opposite direction of the blades.

Wrong direction of installation
Good installation sense

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