Glue bucket 310 ml

128 available

Ideal for finitions or small repairs on  your artificial grass. In 310ml format, the glue bucket will be efficient for occasional gluing on small surfaces. 

Cutting (m2)

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Livraision 10 working days

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Ideal for finitions, the glue bucket 310ml will allow you to catch up junctions or to glue small areas of artificial grass permanently. The single component glue refill is also suitable for small spot repairs following the use of artificial grass.

Use : Fixing and repairs on hard ground
Composition : Mono-component
Packaging : 310ml


Vous pouvez commander votre longueur au cm

Exemple :
Champ largeur : 2
Champ longueur - mètre : 5
Champ longueur - centimètre : 30
Vous recevrez un rouleau de 2m de large x 5,30m de long