Glue bucket 310 ml

Cutting (m2)

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The two-part polyurethane resin we use attaches for once and for all the artificial grass to every type of surface: from concrete to tiles, and including stone and asphalt. If you need to cover a large area, requiring the laying of several widths of our artificial grass, a part of this polyurethane resin, used with neutral joint tape, will ensure successful joining and reduce the costs of the join. The glue is very easy to use, just mix the two parts, the hardener and the resin. All the equipment you need is a drill and a mixer attachment. Once the glue has been mixed, simply apply to a strip of joint tape with a toothed spatula. For optimal efficiency, we advise you lay the widths of artificial grass accurately before preparing the mixture. Then join them together. With a 5 kg package of polyurethane resin, your artificial grass is sure to stay in place for many years!



Vous pouvez commander votre longueur au cm

Exemple :
Champ largeur : 2
Champ longueur - mètre : 5
Champ longueur - centimètre : 30
Vous recevrez un rouleau de 2m de large x 5,30m de long