Grapples (box of 100)
  • Grapples (box of 100)
  • Grapples (box of 100)

Grappels (100 pieces)

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The fixing grapples will ensure a long-lasting maintenance of your artificial grass on soft ground. Here proposed in box of 100 pieces, they are to be spaced every 1 meter around your installation surface. Their notched body will allow a superior holding than the one of the classic staples or hooks.

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Packaged in boxes of 100, these grapples are used to quickly fix large areas of artificial grass on loose soil such as earth, sand or gravel. Once planted, the grapple blends with the back of the artificial grass with its brown head. Space each grapple of about 1 meter only around the periphery of your project, and push them flush with the ground using a mallet. The length and three serrated notches provide a strong, durable hold that is superior to staples. See our soft floor installation guide.

Usage : Fixing on soft ground
Spacing : Every 1 meter
Material : Aluminum
Dimensions : 140 x 14 mm
Packing : Box of 100 pieces
Unit weight : 9g