How to prepare the surface for laying your synthetic grass ?

Clean the floor

The soil must be smooth and allow a good flow of water
Remove weeds, remove debris
Sweep the surface

Arrange the rollers

After determining the best direction of installation, unroll all the rollers in the same direction
Cut and adjust the strips to cover the entire surface

Prepare the junctions

Place the rollers edge to edge so that they fit together perfectly
Cut the edge of each roll by positioning the cutter in the middle of two lines of thread
By restoring the normal spacing of lines the junction will be invisible
Replace the rollers edge to edge

Cut the ends

At this stage, the turf must have its final appearance (except brushing)

Make the junctions

Raise the edge of each roll and place a tie strip in the middle
Remove the protective film.
Fold the two pieces that must join perfectly
Apply pressure to adhere the grass to the strip

Fix the circumference

With double face Fixing will be temporary
With dowels to hit The fixation will be permanent but removable if necessary
With resin the fixation will be definitive and durable

Brush your lawn

Brush the grass with a hard bristle broom
For best results, brush the grass in the opposite direction of the line.
Enjoy !