Neutral joint tape 10 m

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If your artificial grass is intended for heavy-duty use, opt for the 10 m neutral joint tape. By far, it is the strongest way of making a clean and solid connection between two widths of artificial grass. The use of polyurethane resin is necessary with the tape; just mix the two parts of the glue and apply it to the 20 m long neutral joint tape with a toothed spatula (applying 250 g per metre; one 5 kg pot of glue corresponds to one 20 m long neutral joint tape). Using this 20 m long neutral joint tape, you minimize installation costs and guarantee that your artificial grass is not liable to come away.



Vous pouvez commander votre longueur au cm

Exemple :
Champ largeur : 2
Champ longueur - mètre : 5
Champ longueur - centimètre : 30
Vous recevrez un rouleau de 2m de large x 5,30m de long