Neutral joint tape 10 m
  • Neutral joint tape 10 m

Neutral joint tape 10 m

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To be glued with our polyurethane resin, the 10m neutral joint tape will ensure a perfect concealment of your artificial grass junctions. Easy to install and to glue, it will ensure you an excellent resistance in time for all types of surface.

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Professional neutral joint tape to be glued with Exelgreen bi-component polyurethane resin. The neutral joint tape glued with resin will provide extreme strength and stability at the joints of your strips of artificial grass. Using a notched spatula, apply the resin on the joint strip before folding your rolls of grass on it. A 5kg pot of resin will allow you to glue 2 strips of blank junctions (20 linear meters in total). Consult our guide to make a junction with resin.

Use : All types of surfaces
Gluing : Bi-component resin
Width : 20cm
Length : 10m