Bienvenue chez exelgreen
Bienvenue chez exelgreen
In 2006, we helped open synthetic turf, previously reserved for sports fields, the residential and ornamental market.The attractions of the product are obvious to us. Easy to install, economical, maintenance free, it highlights all kinds of interior or exterior fittings.It allows you to enjoy the benefits of greenery, winter and summer. He never disappoints.
Our gammes
    Artificial Grass
    A garden shining all year long
  • Artificial Grass INDOOR
    Artificial Grass
    A unique event in complete safety
  • CLearance
    Real bargains from a wide choice of synthetic grass at a reduced price
  • Accessories
    Prepare the ground, make junctions, fix and maintain the artificial grass
The properties of our synthetic turf, such as resilience, softness, comfort, are verified by an independent and accredited laboratory. Exelgreen quality is also an aesthetic requirement that has made us the market leader.
Order Samples
All Artificial are not alike ! To make an informed choice, order samples.
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