Gazons synthétiques décoration
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Decorative artificial grass

Decorative artificial grass

Artificial turf for special events

Events and entertainment professionals seek more and more often classified fire resistant artificial turf to prepare outdoor floors for sportive or cultural events or to decorate stages, exhibition stands, shop windows, showrooms….With artificial turf it is very practical and easy to create a natural, stylish and cosy environment.

The BFLS1 tested synthetic turf from Exelgreen is the ideal floor covering to create a natural environment, a soccer or rugby field on a square, to decorate stands, shop windows or television studios…..all year round. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor, in full sun or in shadow. With Exelgreen artificial turf you can create any space in a very quick and easy way.

Fournitures de pose
  • Pre-glued 3ml joining strip
  • Pre-glued 10ml joining strip
  • 20ml joining strip
  • Double-sided 10ml
  • Galvanised staples - pack of 20
  • Galvanised staples - pack of 200
  • Polyurethane resin - 5kg
  • 300ml polyurethane resin
  • 2m x 50m geotextile weed barrier
  • Geotextile weed barrier - 1m x 25m
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