Welcome to the destock section. Find here all the synthetic turf currently in promotion or in limited stock. You can also consult our full collection made up of 18 models by clicking here : garden colletion 2021

Découvrez les bonnes affaires à la découpe

A range of products available
in 1m, 2m, 3m and 4m wide
and up to 30m length
Park 30 mm - with cutting at only 11,95 € per sqm
  • Grey Shaggy Artificial Grass at 49,90 € instead of 99,80 € per sqm


    Collection 2016/2018

    Our old
    collection in destocking
  • Swift 20 mm - 2m x 5m at 7,61 € instead of 8,95 € per sqm



    A large choice of pre-cut rolls
    in 1m x 4m and 2m x 4m
    ree delivery from 5 rolls
  • Swift 20 mm - end of sales at 7,61 € instead of 8,95 €


    Nos fins de série

    Our latest rolls
    at knock-down prices