Artificial plant decoration

Artificial plant walls and artificial plants to decorate and green your interiors.

Ideas for personalized plant decoration

Give free rein to your imagination and create personalized decorating spaces with our plant walls and artificial plants ! Easy to install and available in a range of moods, our artificial plant walls are the perfect allies for creating a sensational and unique decor ! You'll be amazed at how realistic they look, and all you need is your imagination and a few dozen minutes to install them. Maintenance-free, you won't need to water yourartificial plant walls - just wipe them down with a soft, slightly damp cloth when necessary, and you're done! If you opt for one of our artificial plants, it won't fade, requires no special maintenance and adds an extra touch of greenery to your decor.

A few tips for designing your artificial wall

Designing your living space with one of our artificial walls is easy. Calculate the surface area to be covered, draw up a plan if necessary, then make your choice. Each one-square-meter panel is composed of one to 15 different plants, to suit every taste. Simple, compound or premium, between exotic, flowery or mixed atmospheres... the hardest part will be choosing. Supplied with fastening clamps, your plant walls can be fixed just like a painting. To make sure your artificial plant wall is durable, simply adapt it to your surface and project. (Mesh, stone wall, etc.).

How do I choose my artificial plant wall ?

To choose the ideal plant wall for your landscape, simply select your preferred model. Take our premium models City1, City2 and City3, for example. To avoid redundancy, you can mix them together to create a 100% customized artificial wall ! To complete your plant decoration, think of our artificial plants! Also available in many shapes and sizes, let yourself be seduced by the practicality and realism of these plants ! And don't forget, our experts are at your disposal for any further information you may require !