Synthetic turf: multiple uses for striking results!

It's several years now since synthetic grass went through a dazzling revolution. The manufacturers of turf had to review and improve the quality of their products to meet the needs of more and more demanding businesses, individuals and communities. Nowadays, synthetic grass is used in many situations such as special events, pleasure gardens, green spaces, pitches, terraces, and so on. Exelgreen invites you to check out its ranges of realistic and hard-wearing turf.

Take advantage of having your synthetic turf laid by a professional!

The success of synthetic turf in the eyes of private individuals and businesses says much for the product's many good qualities: it's attractive, it remains green throughout the year, it needs almost no maintenance, and it gives all the advantages of natural grass without any of the inconveniences. However, just like traditional lawn, the quality of synthetic grass can vary considerably from one manufacturer to another. It is therefore essential to rely on a specialist such as Exelgreen, if you are planning to lay a synthetic lawn!

Which synthetic grass should you choose?

Long confined to the world of sport, synthetic grass is now used in a wide number of areas: it's used to cover roundabouts, finds a place in schools, around swimming pools, in professional exhibitions … even private individuals choose to enhance their terraces with synthetic grass, or change their natural lawns for artificial ones, for reason of maintenance, appearance or climate. The development which synthetic grass has seen over the last few years means it now has many different uses.

Synthetic grass by Exelgreen

The synthetic grass specialist for almost ten years, Exelgreen offers its innovative range, designed for swimming pool surrounds, balconies, terraces, pleasure gardens, original display stands ... Give your ideas free rein: synthetic turf offers you so many possibilities!

Don't wait, choose your synthetic grass from our range of turfour range of turf !