An artificial lawn meets all your needs!

Having a lawn worthy of the name, without any of the work involved in the real thing, is possible with artificial grass! For many years, manufacturers have been competing to offer top-quality products for professionals and individual purchasers. The different types of artificial grass are suitable for a wide range of applications: green spaces, gardens and balconies, swimming pool surrounds, professional events or even sports complexes.

Why choose an artificial lawn?

Some people may still have doubts about the quality or the advantages of artificial grass, as compared to a real lawn. However, having green turf at all seasons, which needs very little maintenance, and which stands the test of time, are not insignificant details. Those are the advantages of the artificial lawn. It can only give satisfaction, whether you wish to lay it in your garden or around a swimming pool. Obviously, as there are many types of grass, it comes in several different qualities.

Exelgreen: a complete range for all your needs.

The artificial lawn can be used in a variety of situations. Exelgreen offers several types of turf for all your needs: garden centres, special events, green spaces, gardens, terraces, balconies … Don't wait! Find out about them now!

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