The advantages of artificial turf

It is always good to remember the advantages of artificial turf. Climate has no effect on it - it's always green, no matter what the season. What's more, it is highly resistant and only needs annual maintenance. Finally, the latest methods of manufacturing artificial grass give it an extremely realistic appearance. If it was not for its greater resistance, you would swear it was a real lawn! It has so many advantages, which have already convinced many businesses, communities and individuals.

In what areas can artificial grass be used?

Artificial turf can be laid in many situations. Private individuals as well as businesses have been using it for a long time. It's to be found in gardens, terraces or balconies, and sometimes even indoors, where it can usefully replace carpet. Many golf courses are laid out on artificial turf, for the greater enjoyment of the players. Businesses use artificial grass for their special events, where it catches the eye, and is particularly hard wearing.

Still have doubts about artificial grass?

It’s normal to be a little unsure when you have never experienced the joys of good-quality artificial turf. The many businesses, communities and individuals who have already chosen to lay it should be enough to convince you! However, not all artificial grass is the same. Whether you choose to lay it in a garden or on a terrace (and the same applies to professionals), you must look carefully at the quality of the products on offer. With a specialist like Exelgreen, you can be sure of making the right choice!

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