› What does the 10 years’ warranty cover?

Exelgreen’ warranty covers UV stability, chlorine resistance, resistance to tearing and abnormal wear. Our products are also REACH certified  which means our artificial grass is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals, e.i. not contain any substance that could be dangerous to human health and the environment.

› Where can I install a synthetic turf?

It can be installed on any type of ground (loose or hard), such as in your garden, on your swimming pool decks, the playground for your children, your patio (tiles, wood or concrete), your balcony, your child's room, etc.

› Can I do the installation myself?

It is very simple to lay down a synthetic turf yourself. To know more, simply refer to Exelgreen’ installation guide on

› Does the water leak through?

The back of the synthetic turf has holes every 10 cm in order to drain the water off Exelgreen tests the water permeability of its artificial grass, which is around 60 litres per minute and per square metre - equivalent to a heavy shower.

› How to maintain a synthetic turf?

A simple annual brushing will allow you to maintain your lawn and ensure a good drainage.

› How to remove leaves and other plants?

Exelgreen recommends the use of a blower or a plastic stiff bristle broom.
› How to clean animal droppings?
For a thorough cleaning, Exelgreen proposes a shampoo for synthetic turf. However you can also use a simple water jet. Note that animal droppings cannot damage your artificial grass.