Artificial grass, our product


Environmental friendliness

Our artificial grass is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals (Reach* certification), i.e. not containing any substance that could be dangerous to human health and the environment.
Exelgreen chain of values
As the specialist of artificial grass for ornamental and residential purposes, Exelgreen stands out of the market with its total control of the chaine of values : from production to sales.
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Thanks to its know-how, Exelgreen develops an exclusive and innovative collection to meet every demand of the market.
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Yarn purchase
With a concern for satisfying the needs of its customers, Exelgreen selects its yarn manufacturers with extreme rigour, on the basis of their capability of supplying large volumes at constant quality.
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For the greatest possible reliability, Exelgreen manufactures exclusively in Belgium, in one of the biggest European carpet producing factories, with a modern production facility of more than 200,000m².
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In making assembly a fundamental part of its sales policy, Exelgreen ensures the industrial production of the samples, role cutting and the assembly of bobbin spools and handles their boxing.
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From manufacture to sale, Exelgreen controls the entire chain of values so that its customers enjoy a highly renowned make, proven merchandising, flexible service and particularly competitive prices.
*What is REACH?
A European regulation which became applicable in 2007 to ensure protection regarding the production and use of chemicals in European industry. It aims at protecting human health and the environment from chemical substances’ potential risks.