Exelgreen is committed

Action Contre la Faim
Exelgreen, partner of Challenge Interentreprises Contre la Faim

Since 2012, Exelgreen has supported Challenge Interentreprises Contre la Faim by giving 900 m² of artificial grass to the association. This gift allows the event to take on a new dimension, and contributes to the sucess of the Challenge thanks to the creation of a convivial area in the heart of the Village, dedicated to welcoming the businesses taking part, and their runners.

Exelgreen, a long-term partner

Exelgreen specialises in artificial grass, one of the main advantage of which is water-saving: accordingly, it supports movements which aim to help everyone to have access to adequate amounts of clean, healthy water. This is the commitment which naturally led it to approach Action Contre la Faim, whose fight against hunger pays particular attention to the impact of water, hygiene and health in combating malnutrition.

This year, Exelgreen is showing its support and strengthening its commitment to Action Contre la Faim by organising a product-sharing operation in France. From January 1 2014, Exelgreen promises its customers that it will donate 0.10 € to Action Contre la Faim for every square metre of artificial turf it sells. The aim of this operation is to collect as many donations as possible, to contribute to the financing of the Association's programmes in the countries it supports.