Action Against Hunger
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As each year since 2012, Exelgreen renews its partnership with the association " Action Against Hunger ". With a view to improve access for the most remote populations to water. In April 2015, Nepal has been earthquake victim further worsening the water access crisis. Natural spring has been impacted or destroyed, and water networks must be rebuilt. In a country where environmental, political and humanitarian issues are crucial, " Action Against Hunger " steps in order to help rebuild the water, sanitation and hygiene networks.

Image Décembre 2019© Daniel Burgui Iguzkiza

December 2019

The Action Contre la Faim project supported by Exelgreen until July 2020 aims to create multifunctional, sustainable and resilient water supply systems in the district of Nawalparasi. 60 communities and 10 public scholls will benefit.