› Is my artificial grass suitable next to a pool ?
All synthetic turf in our collection are chlorine and salt water resistant, making it suitable for use around a pool.

› Does a artificial grass heat up in the sun ?All synthetic turf heats up in the sun. Depending on your location, hot weather may cause the temperature of the surface of the turf to rise slightly. If this happens to you, we recommend that you cool your floor with a cold water spray.

› Does artificial grass drain rainwater ?All our turfs are permeable. The back of the synthetic turf is perforated with holes every 10cm to evacuate water. This permeability allows 60 liters per minute per m², which is the equivalent of a very heavy rain.

› How do I lay my own grass ?You may very well consider installing your synthetic turf yourself, without calling a professional. Browse our different installation guides, on soft ground or hard ground, and then see our full range of accessories to make connections, fix your grass, or maintain it.