Spring : the ideal time to lay artificial grass ?

Spring : the ideal time to lay artificial grass ?

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Artificial grass can be installed all year round, but spring is our customers' favorite time to prepare their garden for summer. With the arrival of spring, flowers bloom and the mildness of early summer is felt. In short, it's often the season that makes us want to spend time on our exteriors, so why not make them sublime ?

Why should you install artificial grass in spring ?

There are many advantages to installing artificial grass in spring. First of all, artificial grass, which is made of plastic, is easier to handle at this time of year, as the material becomes softer as temperatures rise. What's more, if you want to enjoy your garden this summer, ordering in advance is an excellent idea! We deliver our artificial turf within 10 working days, so ordering your fake lawn in early spring will help you avoid the rush of orders. What's more, the soil is generally drier in spring, making it much easier to prepare the site, whether on hard or soft ground.

Installing your artificial turf in spring also gives you time to order samples to discover our range, compare models and choose the one that best suits your needs. Spring is also a good time to take advantage of our many stock clearance models and find great deals. Finally, in spring, you won't have to worry about raking up dead leaves, and your fake lawn will have time to settle properly on your ground before being used intensively throughout the summer. Are you convinced ?

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Are all lawn models available in spring ?

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At Exelgreen, we replenish our stocks during the winter season, and in the spring we are able to offer you the full range of our synthetic grass products. What's more, it's the ideal season for bargains, as we sell off many of our models. These models are available while stocks last and will not be renewed, so it would be a real shame to pass them up ! To help you make the most of spring in your outdoor spaces, we offer you a selection of 18 permanent models available all year round.

To make sure you order the artificial turf you like, spring is the ideal time, as our stocks are at their highest. How do you choose your artificial grass? It's quite simple. Start by drawing up a plan to determine the dimensions you want to order, then prepare your surface. If you want a maintenance-free result, strand heights between 20 and 25 mm are perfect for you. Keep in mind that these types of grass will give the impression of a very short lawn, while 30 to 40 mm blades give the appearance of a freshly mown lawn. 

They combine comfort, softness and ease of maintenance, making them the ideal height for pool surrounds. Last but not least, artificial turf with strand heights of 50 mm and over is beautiful and extremely dense. These heights are best suited to barefoot use around pools or for decorative purposes.

What's the best artificial grass for spring ?

All our artificial turf products are suitable for the spring season. To help you choose the one best suited to your project, whether for spring or any other season, here are our recommendations. As mentioned above, our turfs are available in several different strand heights. Next, installation accessories will vary according to the type of soil you have. On a hard surface, you'll want to use fixing patches, double-sided tape or resin. For a soft floor, grappling hooks are preferable, being stronger and virtually invisible. If your project calls for joints between rollers, you'll need to use joining strips to connect them.

The warranty period against UV rays is between 6 and 10 years, depending on the model. Then, our collections offer two types of color : a lighter green with green and beige curly yarns, and a darker green with brown and beige curly yarns. The choice depends on your aesthetic preferences. For a darker green, our customers often opt for Natura 38mm. It's important to note that although we strive to recreate artificial turf as close to nature as possible, its realism varies according to the range selected.

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Our premium range, including Diamond 3D and Real C 3D, offers unrivalled realism. Finally, we evaluate criteria such as the softness, comfort and resilience of our turfs, which also vary according to model. It's worth noting that very soft turf often tends to be slightly less resilient (ability of the blades to straighten up after passing through). Our artificial grass is available cut to size. Our widths range from 1 to 5 meters, and lengths can be up to 30 meters per roll to the nearest 10 cm. These cut-outs offer a wide range of possibilities for avoiding material waste and creating customized projects.

How can I easily maintain my artificial lawn in spring ?

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To easily maintain your artificial grass in spring, follow these simple steps. First of all, as with all seasons, it's important to brush your artificial grass in the opposite direction to the blades, especially immediately after installation. Next, the frequency of brushing will depend on how often you use your artificial grass. In general, once or twice a year is sufficient, unless your lawn is installed in a high-traffic area, such as a camping driveway. For thorough cleaning, you can simply wait for rain or use a low-pressure water jet to dust the surface.

In the event of a small accident, don't panic: cleaning the area is very simple, just use a little soapy water, rinse, then brush the area in question and you're done! Artificial grass is very easy to maintain, and lasts for around 15 years. They are durable and economical in the long term. What's more, they avoid spring-related allergies and don't require the use of chemicals for maintenance. In short, investing in synthetic turf is a practical and simple solution if you don't want to spend a lot of time maintaining your outdoor spaces, while creating a long-lasting and very realistic atmosphere of well-being !

Spring is undeniably the perfect season to beautify your outdoor spaces. So don't delay, and come and discover our superb synthetic turf products, whether they're in stock or not ! We look forward to welcoming you and will be happy to help you realize your ideal project.

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