Yes, another lawn is possible!

Yes, another lawn is possible!

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The ecological nonsense of (too) well-maintained natural lawns

In its section "Solutions for the planet", Le Monde recalls the usual problems of intensive maintenance of natural grass. Weeds, never green enough or not growing, the lawn is seeded, filled with fertilizer and mowed continuously. Ready-to-install grass is not completely spared either: from cultivation on agricultural farms to final peeling, these patches of natural grass need inputs, pesticides and weedkillers to "live".

Artificial grass: a sustainable alternative

Ornamental artificial turf is on the rise. Now without filling or ballasting with rubber granules, it pleases with its stability and its elegant and natural look. Requiring almost no maintenance, ecological by its use, synthetic turf will not yellow and is completely permeable to bad weather. At Exelgreen, we are working to develop a synthetic turf that is comfortable, sustainable, and, by 2022, completely recyclable.

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