The quality of our artificial grass

With our wealth of experience dating back to 2006, we've used our expertise to manufacture synthetic turf for highly reliable residential use. Since 2006, more than 5 million square metres of our products have been bought and laid throughout France.


To ensure its customers' complete satisfaction, Exelgreen offers synthetic turfs which comply with very precise specifications: the quality of our products is monitored through every stage from manufacture to delivery. Aware of the importance of quality, Exelgreen makes a rigorous choice of products so as to offer its customers complete satisfaction. At the same time, numerous tests are carried out by independent laboratories to check that our synthetic turf complies with all standards for residential use (resistance to chlorine and UV light, hard wear, etc). Thanks to these quality standards, Exelgreen can offer a manufacturer's guarantee covering UV light resistance and against tearing and unusual wear for its whole product range.


Concerned with the protection of the environment, Exelgreen has developed products which meet the environmental requirements in force. Our products are completely recyclable and can form part of the sustainable development of green spaces. To turn its words into action, Exelgreen will take back your old artificial turf to arrange for its recycling. (Terms on request).


After analysis, our synthetic turfs are guaranteed both by Exelgreen and by our manufacturers themselves. As well as those tests, Exelgreen carries out its own classifications, such as fire resistance (Bfl-s1) or the HIC (Head Injury Criteria) for falls in play areas on the combination of slabs plus synthetic grass.

REACH requirements

REACH is the regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, which came into force on January 1 2007. REACH rationalises and improves the former EU regulations on chemical products. Our manufacturers are committed to avoid the use of any prohibited substance and to advise Exelgreen if, in the future, any of those products is used for more than 0.1% (gr/gr) in a quantity greater than 1,000kg/year.

To ensure the complete monitoring of all its products, Exelgreen constantly updates its requests and inspects its suppliers at least once per year.