The Exelgreen quality

The properties of our artificial grass, including resilience, softness and comfort, have been verified by an independent, accredited laboratory. At Exelgreen quality also means
aesthetic excellence, which has made us market leaders.


We love to substantiate our arguments with evidence. That is why our artificial grass underwent the FPI tests (Fibre Performance Index), which were conducted by Labosport (see text box).

The standard market tests rate water permeability, tear resistance and UV resistance. REACH certification has been obligatory since the introduction of the eponymous European regulation in 2007. It guarantees that all artificial grass sold in Europe does not contain any heavy metals.

Des gazons certifiésDes gazons certifiés

At Exelgreen we go one step further.

Our products are subject to 11 assessment criteria

  • Resilience (FPI)
  • Softness (FPI)
  • UV resistance (FPI)
  • Environment (phtalates, EN 71-3, HAP)
  • Lisport (FPI)
  • Comfort (NF P90-312)
  • Dimensional stabillity (NF EN 13746)
  • Water permeability (EN 12615)
  • Tear resistance (ISO 4919)
  • Heat resistance (FIFA, Meth. 14)
  • Antistatic properties (ISO 6356)


The Fibre Performance Index (FPI) is an objective measure of the performance and quality of ornamental artificial grass issued by the independent and accredited Labosport laboratory.

This index is based on three qualities: long-term durability (e.g. resistance to treading or UV rays), a realistic feel like natural grass and compliance with environmental standards.

Des gazons certifiés