Fire rating for artifical lawns

Fire rating for artifical lawns

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Exelgreen offers you high-quality lawns that meet fire safety requirements. They comply with French regulation, which requires artificial lawns to undergo fire resistance tests. Following these tests, artificial lawns are divided into several categories also called ‘fire ratings’. Let’s find out what they are!

Fire-retardant turf to reduce the risk of fire

Buildings open to the general public (ERP) must be safe for public use. But where there is a crowd, accidents may happen. For example a cigarette stubbed out on the ground, or a heat source close to a flammable product can easily cause a fire.

Like many products, artificial lawns are subject to fire regulations, whose aim is to limit fire risk. To avoid danger, they undergo tests and receive a flame retardant treatment (this process is called fire or flame proofing). The public is therefore safe !

Fire-retardant grass is often used by professionals at events such as trade fairs, exhibitions, stands and even events such as weddings. At Exelgreen, you'll find flame-retardant grass available in acidic colors or soft, sober hues.

Artificial grass on the Francolofies's scene

From France to Europe, stringent fire classifications

Until 2002, France had its own classification system to indicate a product’s degree of flammability : the M classification. Even though it is due to be superseded by a European classification, some companies still use it, so it’s always useful to be aware of it !

Fire resistance of materials was assessed on a scale from M0 to M4, with M0 being a very resistant product and M4 a highly flammable one.

Board of fire rating
The M rating

This classification is now replaced by European regulation ‘Euroclasses’. Its aim is to allow free movement of products inside Europe and reduce the risk of confusion by harmonising the classifications used.

Euroclass classification
Euroclass classification helps prevent fire hazards

The Euroclasse classification ranges from Letter A (combustible materials) to Letter E (significant contribution to the development of a fire). Level F also indicates those materials whose reaction to fire is not determined.  

When the fire classification relates to flooring, the letters ‘fl’ (for floor) are specified after the letters A to F. This classification thus offers a great level of detail! In addition, it is more accurate than the M classification as it has an indicator that measures smoke production. This is the ‘S’ Index ranging from S1 to S3.

To help you find your way between these two classification models, here are the equivalences between them :

Board of fire rating

Where do our artificial lawns fit into all of this ?

Tested by independent reference laboratories (IFPH), Exelgreen’s Decoration artificial lawnsmore than meet ERP requirements.  

In terms of fire proofing, they were granted a certification of ‘Excellence’. Exelgreen’s added value lies in treating the product yarn directly. A flame retardant additive is added to it, which helps delay the combustion of the product and limits its afterburning. 

Artificial grass

This precision knowledge is a fire safety asset and is simplicity itself ! Because of this, artificial lawns from the Exelgreen Decoration collection are freestanding. This means you don’t have to glue them onto the floor or infill with sand to reduce fire risks, unlike most artificial lawns on the market.

In terms of fire classification,Exelgreen’s artificial grass, which is widely used for events and in buildings open to the public, has a BflS1 classification. So, it is a very high quality turf with minimal fire risk ! 

Artificial grass layed on an event

Why should you choose Exelgreen artificial grass ?

Choosing Exelgreen artificial grass means choosing quality coverings that comply with European safety standards, and the assurance of acquiring a magnificent, durable and resistant product. All our artificial grass models are available in different strand heights, and our teams of experts will be delighted to help you with your future project. You'll also have a choice of color, resilience and UV warranty duration. Delivered straight to your doorstep, our artificial grass is easy to install and ready to use !  

Organizing an event by choosing a safe and suitable floor covering such as one of our artificial grass models is the key to a safe event ! Discover our fire-retardant grass or our permanent collection and make the choice that's right for you !

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