Which electric brush should I use to maintain my artificial lawn ?

Which electric brush should I use to maintain my artificial lawn ?

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Brushing your artificial grass to restore its full volume is important. Over time, and depending on the frequency of brushing, your artificial grass may tend to flatten out. How do you find the ideal brush for your artificial grass ? Is there a specific brushing method ? Let's take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the resilience of artificial grass ?

Artificial grass

The quality of an artificial grass lawn is measured according to several criteria, including resilience. Resilience is the ability of your lawn's blades to withstand trampling over time. In general, it means a higher frequency of brushing, depending on the length of the strands. At Exelgreen, resilience is one of our manufacturing criteria, so we make a point of providing you with dense lawns for optimum natural effect.

Our tip : For resilient synthetic grass, also check the thickness of the strands. Thinner strands also have a tendency to flatten. For the right strand height for every project, we recommend heights of between 30 and 40 mm. For incomparable comfort underfoot, opt for our 50 mm grass models !

Why do I need to brush my artificial grass ?

Brushing your artificial grass will restore its original volume and appearance, and clean it gently. The shorter the blades of your artificial grass, the less maintenance you'll need. Use an electric brush or a stiff-bristled broom.

It also helps to brush your lawn to keep it clean. A well-maintained green lawn all year round is easy, simple and will require very little effort on your part. Note that it's important to brush your synthetic lawn in the opposite direction to the way it was laid, for best results.

What are the advantages of an artificial grass brush ?

Synthetic grass brush

The advantages of an Exelgreen electric brush are multiple. Lightweight and easy to handle, it's child's play to use. Its compact size means it can be stored in a broom cupboard and adjusted like the arm of a vacuum cleaner. The Exelgreen electric brush comes in a two-part cardboard box and is easy to assemble.

The roll of the Exelgreen electric brush is 40 cm long, and its autonomy is around 25 min. You can add an extra battery for even longer autonomy. Cordless, it recharges easily in just a few hours. Last but not least, the Exelgreen electric brush is an invaluable aid for easily and effortlessly straightening your artificial lawn and restoring its original appearance !

How much does an artificial grass brush cost ?

The price of an artificial turf brush can vary according to the options. For example, our electric brush is priced at €149.95. On the other hand, if you want a model with additional options, the price can vary from € 200 to € 400. The choice of your electric brush will therefore depend on your criteria.

At Exelgreen, we offer free delivery, and you'll receive your electric brush within 5 working days if you order it on its own.

Is the artificial grass brush suitable for all surfaces ?

Garden with artificial grass

In general, a hand-held artificial turf brush is best suited to small to medium-sized surfaces. On balconies, for example, you can also use a brush or even a vacuum cleaner to remove small debris.

Caution : To avoid damaging your electric brush, it's best to use it on dry grass. A damp lawn could damage your brush !

Our tip : For best results over a larger surface area, remember to recharge your electric brush and second battery in advance. In general, you'll need to brush your lawn once or twice a year.

What's the best brush for artificial grass ?

Choosing a artificial grass brush isn't always easy. To help you, ask yourself the following questions : what's the surface area of your project ? what's your budget ? do you want a brush that simply straightens the blades of your lawn, or one that sucks them up ?

The good news is that our electric brush can be used on soft or hard ground. It's effortless to maintain your artificial lawn ! If your surface is small, simply use a stiff-bristled broom. Avoid brushing your artificial grass during the coldest periods of the year. The strands of your fake grass could break during frosty periods. Find out more about artificial grass and snow.

Are there any accessories for an electric brush ?

At Exelgreen, you can buy an extra battery for your electric brush. No risk of running out of power in the middle of use ! Our brush has been designed for a 25-minute autonomy, so depending on the size of your surface, you may want to consider a second battery for even greater peace of mind.

Easily clipped in and recharged, the electric brush battery is the accessory you need to restore volume to your artificial lawn.

Brush battery for artificial grass

How do I clean my artificial grass thoroughly ?

If brushing your artificial grass isn't enough, you can clean it thoroughly using a low-pressure water jet. You can also simply wait for it to rain on your artificial grass. Nevertheless, your artificial grass is not immune to everyday accidents, but don't panic !

In most cases, simply use soapy water, or mix water with a little white vinegar, and off you go ! Your synthetic lawn will dry naturally and regain all its splendor.

How do I remove weeds from my artificial grass ?

Nice garden with artificial grass

When laying artificial grass on loose soil, it's important to use a geotextile to prevent weeds from returning. When preparing the soil, you can use a natural weedkiller to keep the ground clean and smooth. Once the strips of artificial grass have been laid in the same direction, brush them off and enjoy !

In autumn, if leaves fall on your lawn, use a blower or a low-pressure water jet to remove them. Preparing your soil in advance plays an important role in the durability, maintenance and appearance of your artificial grass.

And don't forget, your artificial grass strips must all be laid in the same direction to achieve the best possible result !

The purchase of an electric synthetic grass brush is a formidable accessory for restoring volume to your lawn ! Easy to use, self-contained and ergonomic, it's child's play to maintain your artificial lawn !

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