Care instructions for synthetic turf in your garden

Start your setting out using a wall, a terrace or other straight line in your garden. Always lay the rolls in the same direction, with the fibres all leaning towards you.
Laying the turf
Unroll the geotextile weed barrier, starting at the straight edge previously chosen, and lay out the widths with a 2 - 3cm overlap.
After covering the ground with the geotextile, unroll the widths of artificial grass, always in the same direction.
Ensure that the edges fit closely together. Trim the outside edges, using the cutter. Repeat on all outside edges.
Réaliser les jonctions
Place the two widths over the joint, taking care that the two edges meet perfectly. If necessary, trim the edge as little as possible, so as to avoid leaving gaps. Ensure that the fibres always lie in the same direction.
Lift the two edges and place the joining strip underneath to stick them in place. Remove the protective film from the pre-glued joining strip.
Replace the two widths, which should meet perfectly.
Fixing artificial turf with garden staples
For the best results, brush the artificial grass with a hard-bristle brush (or a blower).