Frequently Asked Questions - Artificial green walls and plants


› What are our delivery times?
The delivery time is 5-10 working days from the validation of the order.

› Can my packages be transported to my residence or to my upstairs apartment?
Our deliveries are all made at the "doorstep", ie they are made at the bottom of your building or at the entrance of your home.

› Under what packaging do I receive my green walls or my artificial plants?
Green walls and artificial plants will be shipped in rigid and sturdy cardboard.

› Will I be notified in advance of the delivery?
Depending on the number, weight and dimensions of the items ordered, an appointment will be made by SMS or directly by a phone call to deliver the goods in the best conditions.


We offer 3 payment methods to place your order:
› Payment by credit card
› Payment by credit card in 3x free of charge
› Payment via Paypal

The collection of CB and 3x free payments is done D+1 after placing the order.