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840 m2 available
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Composed of 13 different artificial plants, the Jungle artificial plant wall will give a beautiful volume to your spaces. Dense and colorful, it will elegantly dress your wall surfaces on one or more square meters.

Dimensions :
€72.95 per m2
price €1,823.75
price €1,519.79 (tax excl.)
price €1,823.75 (tax incl.)
Tax included
Roller Votre panneau pèsera xxkg
Livraision 5 jours

Technical sheet


Whether indoors or outdoors, the artificial plant wall is a decorative device that will not go unnoticed. At the same time light, simple to install and durable, it will allow you to decorate your environment in a natural and effective way.

The advantage of an artificial plant wall is to have permanently colored plants, which will not suffer from bad weather and require no maintenance.

This model offers a set of leaves composed of several variations of colors and shapes providing volume and a touch of realism.

The model above is proposed in 1m² format, that is 4 pieces of 50cm x 50cm



  • Murs - Poids
    3, 74kg
  • Murs - Composition
  • Murs - Dimensions
    100cm x 100cm
  • Murs - Nombre de plantes
  • Murs - Garantie UV
    5 years
  • Murs - pièce par carton
  • Murs - Inclus
    colliers de fixation


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