Annual report 2016 : a european producer has been born

Annual report 2016 : a european producer has been born

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First of all we wish you a very Happy New Year for 2017.

2016 was a succesful year for Exelgreen. We want to share our succes and our goals with our clients which we keep always in mind by taking new action points.

Succesful choices

In 2015, we made the strategic choice to produce our own synthetic grass. This major change of direction, fruit of a deep questioning, led us rethink our modes of operation in order to go further in the command of our profession.

The objective of this new strategy was decreasing the sales prices and to increase the quality of our products and service. One year later, we can confirm that are mission has been fulfilled.

Another important challenge, is the start of Exelgreen in Belgium and the Netherlands under impulse of Emmanuel Devriendt. The results are more than encouraging and give us the drive to become a major actor for synthetic grass in these countries as we are at the moment in France.

During the compete year, our clients gave their feedback concerning their satisfaction.This confidence goes hand in hand with the development of our activity, both are going together.

The Year 2016 has confirmed and aligned our leader and reference positionon the French market as a producer and seller of synthetic grass.

Ambitious goals

In 2017, we want to affirm our status as a manufacturer and provide even more services to our customers based on the experience gained during 2016.

First of all, with the increasing sales of our range, we decided to produce 200 000 m² synthetic grass, this means 30% more than in 2016. With this decision we want to avoid stockouts.

We will also devote ourselves to the setting up of new interactive and informative support in order to improve the training and to facilitate the work of our customers. So a large collection of videos and a BtoB website has been introduced at the beginning of the year.

Finally, we want to continue our international expansion : Germany will join this year the export area which we started in 2016 in Belgium and the Netherlands. We are convinced that it is important to reinvent ourself every day and to create added value for our customers; our goals in 2017 will be totally in line with this vision.

Rudy Cassenac
Président / CEO Exelgreen

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