Does artificial grass let water through ?

Does artificial grass let water through ?

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The installation of an ornamental artificial grass has many advantages over other outdoor coverings. Even in case of heavy rains, your artificial grass will be resistant and will evacuate rainwater.

Is my artificial grass permeable ?

Yes, Exelgreen artificial grass is permeable. During manufacture, small holes are present at the level of the back every 10 cm to allow the evacuation of rainwater to avoid any stagnation of unwanted water. The permeability and drainage of rainwater is an important criterion for choosing your artificial grass, especially if you live in a rainy region. As a general rule, our synthetic grass has been designed to drain about 60 liters per minute per m2.

It is nevertheless necessary to check your soil before installing your turf : does the water drain properly ? Does your floor need to be levelled ? Be careful, a well prepared, smooth and clean floor is essential to guarantee the durability of your artificial grass and will avoid many surprises.

If you want, you can put a thin layer of sand (about 5 cm) between your grass and the geotextile to ensure additional absorption of rainwater on loose soil. The geotextile is very important to prevent the regrowth of weeds under your artificial grass.

Synthetic lawn garden

How can I improve the permeability of my artificial grass ?

Beware, the permeability of your artificial grass can be altered if you do not respect some key points.

First, be careful not to plug the holes in your artificial grass with hard floor glue, which should only be applied around the edges. Always check that the water drains properly beforehand. Then, the preparation of your ground is an important element to take into account for the drainage of rainwater.

Secondly, putting a sand underlayment is a good idea but be careful with its thickness ! A sand too thin will be harmful for the permeability of your artificial grass. At Exelgreen, we advise you to use sand with a grain size of 0/4.

Finally, to keep the permeability of my lawn, the use of a geotextile on soft soil is highly recommended. This will prevent weeds from growing and thus clogging your synthetic lawn !

Last advice : Install your artificial turf on a day without rain will facilitate the adhesion of your joints or glue used for your fixing.

Will the quality of the artificial grass affect its permeability ?

It's a fact, a poor quality artificial grass will affect the drainage of rainwater.

At Exelgreen, we want to provide you with high quality products, so we take care to test all our grass. The materials used for the base of our lawns are solid, resistant to wear and tear and allow good drainage of rainwater. Our lawns respect strict manufacturing standards and are a guarantee of quality.

To ensure a maximum of satisfaction, we even measure the comfort and softness of our lawns under your feet! Resiliencesoftness and guarantees are also characteristics that we want to respect.

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What are the Exelgreen criteria ?

Resilience : This is the guarantee of having a grass resistant to trampling, so we work on the characteristics of the threads and their density (shapes and number of tufts per m2)

Softness : This is the sensation that you feel when you put your foot on the grass. We measure it according to the height of the strands and the materials used to manufacture the yarns.

Comfort : Yes, at Exelgreen we measure the pleasure you feel when you walk on one of our turfs. We measure it by taking into account the cushioning, comfort and density of the model with each step.

The guarantee : Exelgreen artificial grass is guaranteed between 6 and 10 years against UV. The average life of a grass is about fifteen years depending on your own aesthetic criteria.

How do I maintain my artificial grass in case of heavy rain ?

Once the rain has fallen, simply let your artificial grass dry naturally ! You'll be surprised to see that permeable artificial grass dries faster than natural grass, even after a heavy rain. Plus, you won't have to worry about muddy spots !

For daily maintenance, straighten the blades of your lawn when it seems useful with a stiff broom or use a vacuum cleaner on small areas to remove all the small debris. To clean your synthetic lawn thoroughly and remove dust, use a low pressure water jet and you're done !

When a stain a little more stubborn, generally it is simply recommended to use a little soapy water. I invite you to read our recommendations on how to maintain your artificial lawn.

Artificial grass maintenance

Permeability and soil type : Is there an ideal soil for laying artificial grass ?

The good news is that there is no ideal soil for laying artificial grass : it can be laid on all types of soil ! Garden, terraces, balcony, soft or hard ground, only the preparation of the ground and the accessories will be different.

Moreover, initially created for sports facilities, artificial grass is now widespread for ornamental use, to the delight of individuals.

For many years now, we strive to manufacture and offer you exceptional artificial grass. Our factory located in Belgium allows us to have a great control on our products, from manufacturing to delivery.

Are there any differences between laying artificial grass on soft and hard ground ?

Whatever the surface, you must clean it, weed it and make it smooth before any installation.

For a better water drainage on soft ground, you will have to fix your artificial grass on all its periphery, with the help of fixing grapples and to use a geotextile to avoid the regrowth of weeds.

On a hard ground, check the slope of your ground and proceed to a leveling if necessary. Then, use joining strips to fix your artificial grass. This fixing will remain removable if needed. You can also choose to add patches of fixings to consolidate your installation.

For a more permanent fixation, you can use resin, your artificial grass will be solidly fixed to the ground.

soil preparation
artificial grass layed

Why should you consider artificial grass ?

A quality artificial grass is associated with well-being, a lot of comfort and a very natural result. It is an economical covering on the long term because it requires very little maintenance (forget the chores of watering or mowing your lawn). Permeable, they have been designed to resist very heavy rains.

A whole palette of greens is available to you : we like to create varied tones by playing subtly with the color. Lighter or darker greens, adapt the color of your artificial grass according to the environment in which you live.

Choose to install artificial grass is also choose peace of mind : forget the chores of gardening, the time waiting for the growth of your natural lawn or the hours spent mowing your lawn. Once installed, you can directly enjoy your artificial grass without waiting !

It is a real saving of time and energy. In addition, its maintenance is minimal, an artificial grass is also an economic investment in the long term, our rolls are available in cut to size : you will be able to order very precisely the exact length you need.

Is it possible to lay artificial grass yourself ?

You will not need to call professionals to install your artificial grass. Know that most of our customers do it themselves. However, if your surface is very large, we can put you in touch with professionals for your convenience.

To arrange its spaces with artificial grass is also to offer a space of relaxation and well-being, to be in the trend of green and bring color in places sometimes dull and sad.

artificial lawn and terrace

Exelgreen artificial grass is permeable and has been designed to drain rainwater throughout its use, even in heavy rain. They can be used on all types of surfaces and allow you to create unique and vegetated living spaces for your greatest comfort !

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