Which artificial grass to choose around my pool ?

Which artificial grass to choose around my pool ?

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Summer often rhymes with swimming pool, relaxation, tanning and relaxation. Installing artificial grass around his pool will be the ideal solution to enjoy the beautiful days and enhance your poolside ! But is artificial grass compatible with chlorine, bromine or salt water ? What height of strand to choose ? How to lay it ? Our experts answer all your questions.

Laying an artificial grass around a pool, is it a good idea ?

Among its many benefits, Exelgreen artificial grass is treated to resist any splashes of chlorinated water from your pool. So, embellishing your pool with one of our artificial lawns is a great idea ! When you get out of your pool, it will also be very pleasant to walk on your artificial grass.

Synthetic lawns are very resistant and will undoubtedly add value to your relaxation areas. Very easy to maintain, even if your pool is a place of frequent passage, it will be very easy to straighten the strands of your artificial grass ! If you like, take a look at our design ideas in photos.

swimming pool and synthetic grass

Why should you decorate your pool with artificial grass ?

Aestheticism, comfort, very little maintenance ... The fake grass puts forward many advantages. Firstly, decorating your pool with artificial grass is very easy : the majority of our customers choose to install it themselves. All you have to do is choose the right accessories for your hard or soft ground. Secondly, once installed, you can directly use your artificial grass ! You will not need to wait for the grass to grow to enjoy it.

Chlorine can sometimes damage natural lawns, and trampling can be problematic. This problem will no longer arise with an artificial grass, freeing you from the chores of gardening. It will suffice to straighten the strands of your grass around your pool more or less regularly depending on the range chosen.

Finally, the artificial grass does not grow in the ground as a natural lawn, you can enter and exit your pool without worrying about dirtying it ! No more traces of soil or grass in your pool, you will keep a clean pool without increasing its maintenance. A real time and energy saver.



artificial grass and swimming pool

What is the ideal artificial grass for the edges of my pool ?

Good news : whatever your choice of artificial turf, they are all suitable to give your pool the appearance of a real cocoon of well-being. All our artificial grass are resistant to various pool treatments (chlorine, salt water, bromine ..). You can also choose the number of years that your synthetic lawn will be guaranteed against UV ! Finally, all our artificial lawns are permeable and let water through.

For more comfort, softness and resilience, choose a minimum height of 30 or 38 mm strands, this is what our customers appreciate. This height of strand is perfect for dressing the contours of your pool.If you want even more comfort, you can also choose the 50 mm high strands.

Among our customers' favorite models, the Diamond 3D 38mm is the top model for pool surrounds. Soak up the softness of this artificial grass at the exit of your pool, create your relaxation area by installing deckchairs and loungers ... You see yourself already ?

The installation on a hard floor can be done with resin, double-sided or screws. If it is a soft floor, you will have to prepare the ground beforehand. The preparation of your soil is a very important step to optimize your installation and to avoid possible inconveniences such as weed growth. The use of a geotextile is often recommended, as well as junction strips for invisible or almost invisible connections.

Diamond 3D 38 mm
Diamond 3D 38 mm
Real C 3D 38 mm
Real C 3D 38 mm
Diamond 3D 50 mm

How much does an artificial grass cost for a pool area ?

To determine the right number of m2 to decorate your pool, avoid falls, and order the right number of accessories, we advise you to make a plan of your installation beforehand. Be careful to take into account the entirety of your surface for the calculation of your plan, the edges of your artificial grass should also be installed in the same direction for a natural result. Read our blog post for more details on this subject.

Our range of artificial turf is suitable for all budgets. If you want artificial grass with a good value for money, we invite you to discover our range in destocking. We also offer many models with a height of shorter strands that will be less expensive to purchase.

Our synthetic lawns can be installed on all types of surfaces (curbs, wood, terraces, gardens...) so it will be easy for you to make your choice. If you live in a very sunny area, we advise you to choose a darker artificial grass.Naturally, the choice of color is above all a matter of taste.

Our goal is to be as close as possible to the beauty of nature, so the quality of our artificial grass is important to us ! If your budget allows it, our premium range with 3D technology is even more realistic. Sensational effect is guaranteed !

swimming pool and garden

How to maintain my artificial grass around my pool ?

Around a pool, even if the passage is quite frequent, it will be very easy to maintain your artificial grass. Straighten the strands in the opposite direction of their orientation with a stiff broom or with an electric brush and it's done. If you want to clean it, use soap with a jet of water at low pressure or simply wait for it to rain, nothing could be easier.

How to lay artificial grass under an above ground pool ?

If your pool is an above ground pool, it will be much easier to put it on a ground already arranged with artificial grass than to lay your artificial grass all around. If during the winter periods you have to store your pool or to change it, we advise you a short artificial grass to limit the visual impact of crushing. The quality of your artificial grass will not be altered by the installation of an above ground pool unlike a natural lawn, its strands will not turn yellow under its weight.

ground pool

Is the artificial grass going to heat around my pool ?

Like all floor coverings, your artificial grass will heat during the summer. To cool it, simply sprinkle it with a little water, this will allow you to gain between 5 and 10 degrees on the surface.


Installing artificial grass to decorate its contour of pool is a very good solution to beautify it, to bring much comfort under your feet and softness. Very easy to maintain, artificial grass will allow you to keep your pool clean, save time and energy and give your pool a sensational appearance ! Discover our permanent range and our destocking range and make your choice !

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