How do I straighten my artificial grass ?

How do I straighten my artificial grass ?

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Straightening the blades of your artificial grass is a simple and essential step in restoring its natural volume. A number of accessories, such as a brush, can be used to maintain your artificial lawn. Let's take a closer look at the most effective ways of maintaining artificial grass.

1. What defines the resilience of artificial grass blades ?
2. How do you straighten short artificial lawns ?
3. How to straighten a medium artificial turf ?
4. How to straighten a long artificial grass surface ?
5. Do different strand shapes have different resilience ?
6. What's the best brush for straightening my artificial grass ?
7. How do I maintain my artificial grass ? 

What does it mean to have resilient artificial grass blades ?

First of all, what does resilience mean ? In the language of artificial grass, resilience refers to the ability of your artificial grass to return to its original position after being trampled. At Exelgreen, we offer artificial grass with varying degrees of resilience, depending on quality, warranty and strand shape. The resilience of the blades can also be a very important criterion to take into account, depending on how your artificial grass will be used. Take, for example, a children's playground or a relaxation area for campsite visitors : both of these areas are likely to be trampled a lot due to the high frequency of passage, jumps and heavy objects such as children's games.

For this type of use and in order to have a highly resilient artificial grass, we recommend models with short or medium strands, measuring between 20 and 30 mm. Because of their height, short lawns are naturally more resilient, so it will be much easier to straighten their blades when you feel it's necessary. Note that for playgrounds, a height of at least 30 mm is appropriate, as a certain level of comfort is still needed to cushion any falls by children.

In many cases, our artificial grass stockists offer models with slightly finer strands, which are therefore less resilient. Finally, the higher the strand of your artificial grass, the more it will require regular brushing.

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How to straighten short artificial grass ?

To straighten short artificial grass, you have several options. Firstly, for small areas, you can use a road sweeper or an electric brush. To straighten the blades, always brush your lawn in the opposite direction to the way it was laid. Be sure to respect the direction in which your project was laid, to achieve the most natural look possible once the blades have been straightened. For short lawns, brush your artificial grass once or twice a year, depending on the frequency of use. For highly resilient artificial grass, we invite you to discover the models in our premium range, such as Real C 3D 25 mm and Diamond 3D 25 mm.

These artificial grasses are perfect if you want to combine realism with minimalist maintenance. Note that when installing your grass, it's important to insist on straightening its blades so that it returns to its original shape. If you need to clean your short grass, a little soapy water followed by brushing of the surface to be cleaned will restore it to its original appearance. Heights of 20 to 25 mm correspond to very easy-to-maintain artificial grass, but if you're looking for more comfort, we invite you to discover strand heights between 30 and 50 mm. You can also use a vacuum cleaner on short turf for thorough cleaning. Whether your lawn is laid on concrete, earth or flagstones, the first brushing of your lawn will restore its full volume.

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How to straighten medium artificial grass ?

To straighten medium-height blades of grass, between 30 and 40 mm, you can use a brush broom or an electric brush. If you'd prefer to avoid having to straighten the blades yourself, an electric brush is an excellent compromise, as it will do the job for you in a very simple way. Our cordless brushes are ideal for larger projects, making it easier to maintain your lawn. For medium-height blades, we recommend straightening the blades 2-3 times a year, or simply when it seems necessary.

These heights won't require much more maintenance than a short-strand lawn, but they will give you a little more comfort underfoot, which is quite pleasant. Medium-height sprigs are perfect for embellishing the edges of your pool or keeping your garden perfectly manicured all year round. And if you want to use a road sweeper, that's perfectly possible.

As with short lawns, a little soapy water is sometimes useful for cleaning. If you have pets, these heights are perfectly adapted and soft enough for them to walk on and enjoy your fake lawn. For breathtaking realism and maximum quality, discover our Real C 3D 38 mm and Diamond 3D 38 mm artificial lawns. These are highly realistic, comfortable and resilient medium-sized artificial grasses. Real C 3D has a slightly lighter green color, while Diamond 3D boasts a magnificent fir green and curly brown/beige threads. The choice now depends on your taste !

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How to straighten long artificial grass ?

To restore the full volume of your long artificial grass and easily straighten the blades, as with other heights, you can use a brush or our electric brush. Long strands, between 40 and 50 mm, are very comfortable artificial grass. For long grass, we recommend straightening the blades 2 or 3 times a year. When you receive your roll of artificial grass, the blades will be very flattened. All our models will require brushing once or twice during installation to restore their final shape.

When you go to straighten your fake lawn, don't worry if the blades from the other rolls got mixed up during manufacture. Your lawn won't lose its own strands, but it may lose those from the other rolls, which is perfectly normal. If your project requires junctions, you'll also need to straighten the blades of your lawn at this point.

Note that all your rolls must be laid in the same direction, otherwise your final result will be affected. Rely on where you're going to be looking at your grass the most, so you can unroll it before laying and brushing. If you want artificial grass with long strands and unrivalled comfort, we invite you to discover the 50 mm Real C 3D and the 50 mm Diamond 3D. Even though they are tall, these resilient artificial grasses are ideal for a wide range of projects. They will enhance your gardens, terraces or pool surrounds with a magnificent touch of natural green.

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Does resilience differ according to strand shape ?

As explained above, the resilience of our lawns varies according to the models offered. The 3D technology of our premium lawns is a blend of 3D yarns. This blend of three yarns composed of three different greens gives them a very natural appearance as well as highly resilient and resistant properties. Our artificial grasses are tested in a European laboratory to ensure that you get top-quality, long-lasting products. Our lawns come with an 8-year warranty, and can be either C-shaped or multi-shaped (3D).

This shape of strands also gives them a natural look, thanks to the mix of two colors of green for the top strands and curly green and beige or brown and beige strands, and they are also very resilient lawns. This range of lawns is also highly resilient and, depending on the height of the strands chosen, will require more or less regular straightening of the strands. Last but not least, our 6-year-guaranteed Park and Stadium models are artificial grasses with flat blades. These shapes give them a fairly natural appearance, making them very hard-wearing and resilient. These lawns offer excellent value for money for smaller budgets.

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What's the best brush for straightening my artificial grass ?

If you'd like to invest in a brush to straighten out your fake lawn, you can. At Exelgreen, we offer a cordless electric brush that's ergonomic and easy to use. Its autonomy is around 25 minutes, so we advise you to carry an extra battery for larger areas.

Our brush handles are adjustable, and the fact that it's cordless makes it much easier to use.

As with any accessory, it's important to keep your brush clean for the long term, and not to use it in the rain. Please note that our brush does not have vacuuming properties, only brushing. It will help you to straighten the blades of your fake lawn, whatever their height, in the blink of an eye.

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Straightening the blades of your artificial grass is a simple, time-saving step that will restore your lawn to its former glory. Discover our electric brushes and our range of resilient lawns, and make the choice that's right for you !

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