Why should I have my artificial grass laid by a landscaper ?

Why should I have my artificial grass laid by a landscaper ?

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Calling in a professional to lay your artificial turf is sometimes a necessity, because of a lack of time, human resources or simply a need for peace of mind in terms of responsibility. If your project involves a lot of cut-outs, if you're looking for a complete landscape with decorations, or because preparing your land seems impossible, calling in a landscaper is sometimes the simplest solution. How do I find one ? How do you choose your landscaper ?  We can help.

1. Why use a landscaper to lay my grass ?
2. How much does it cost to have artificial grass professionally laid ?
3. How long does it take for a landscape professional to get involved ? 
4. Is it possible to choose your own artificial grass even if you call in a professional ?

Why call in a landscaper to lay my lawn ?

Most of our customers install their artificial turf themselves, but in some cases it's better to call in a landscape professional. At Exelgreen, we don't have an in-house installation department, but we do have direct links with a number of trusted, exclusive partners throughout France, with whom we've been working for many years.

Calling on a landscaper means opting for the peace of mind and comfort of a perfectly executed installation. Depending on the landscaper you choose, you'll be able to opt for a turnkey package that includes site preparation, supply of artificial turf and accessories appropriate to your site, and maintenance.

These professional artificial turf experts carry out numerous landscaping projects every year, and thanks to their know-how, they can suggest ideas to make your garden unique and sublime !

Landscaped garden with artificial turf

How much does professional artificial turf installation cost ?

The price of installation by a landscape professional depends on the professional himself, his current rates and, of course, the surface area of your land, its accessibility and the preparation it requires. It's difficult to define a price range, because the price quoted really depends on the landscaper, and can vary from simple to double. However, when you call on one of our partners, you can be sure that you're dealing with highly qualified, hand-picked landscape professionals with a thorough knowledge of their trade. Beware, however, that some companies are unfamiliar with artificial grass installation.

If you don't want to go through one of our contacts, check their reviews, turnaround times and whether or not they use subcontractors. For smaller projects, there are multi-service companies that can also meet your installation needs. When you call on one of our landscapers, you'll be able to choose the artificial turf model you prefer, and they'll be able to draw up an estimate for your project, including grass, accessories, site preparation and transportation.

You can be put directly in touch with the professional or we can contact him. Asking a professional to carry out the installation is therefore more expensive than doing it yourself, but you'll have the assurance of a synthetic turf laid according to the rules of the art.

Landscaped garden with artificial turf and swimming pool

How long does it take to call in a landscape professional ?

With the arrival of summer, the ideal time for landscaping gardens and outdoor spaces, landscapers' agendas are often full. Depending on the region of France where you're located, and if you plan well in advance, you'll find it easier to find an available professional. Note also that, in general, landscape professionals are in high demand, so some will be more interested in a large project than a small area.

If this is the case, don't worry : you can follow our installation guides to make your job easier. All you have to do is follow the steps as indicated, prepare your floor well, choose the right accessories and respect the direction in which your turf is laid. We also invite you to take a look at some of our customers' projects, which will also give you some ideas of the results achieved by other customers, whether or not they have laid their own turf.

And if you really don't feel like a handyman, many multiservice companies can lay your artificial grass for you.

Artificial grass

Is it possible to choose your artificial turf even if you call in a professional ?

As the installation of your artificial turf by a landscaper is a costly option, you will have a choice of artificial turf. Our partners will suggest the models best suited to your project, but they will give priority to the quality of our turf and accessories. Our landscapers don't work with all the models of synthetic turf offered on our site, so if you're on a tight budget, we recommend you do the installation yourself. As with any project, you'll be offered several options to suit your tastes, and the landscape professional will adapt to your requirements.

You should know that all our synthetic turf is suitable for swimming pools and resistant to chlorine, that our UV guarantee ensures that the color of your turf will not fade over the years, and that we try to get as close as possible to nature by creating artificial turf that is solid, durable and realistic. To help you make your choice, we recommend that you order our sample box, so that you can compare the different models.

Landscape architects, who are experts in gardens and outdoor landscaping, can also help you choose according to your surface area. Exelgreen-certified landscapers are qualified to carry out all types of outdoor landscaping work, and will help you create a living space that reflects your image.

artificial grass on a terrace

Contacting a landscaper to install artificial turf is sometimes essential, depending on the project. The Exelgreen team has been working for several years with a network of partner landscapers located throughout France. Visit our website to find out more about our artificial grass products, and fill in the contact form to find a professional installer in your area ! Of course, if you'd like to do the installation yourself, that's entirely possible, and we're always happy to help.

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