› What are our delivery delay ?
The delivery delay is 10 working days from the validation of the order.

› Who will deliver my artificial grass ?
We use two different carriers to deliver our turf :
- TML : For an order with at least one roll with a width greater than or equal to 3 meters, or with a weight greater than 30kg.
- TNT : For an order with each roll of width less than or equal to 3 meters, and with a weight less than 30kg.

› Can the artificial grass be transported upstairs or on my roof terrace?
Our deliveries are all made at the "doorstep", ie they are made at the bottom of your building or at the entrance of your home.

› What packaging do I receive my artificial grass ?
Artificial grass ordered will be shipped and delivered on a roll. The width chosen for your roll will be the span of it, so it will be rolled lengthwise. The longer your roll length, the larger your roll diameter will be.

› Will I be notified in advance of the delivery of my artificial grass ?
Depending on the weight and dimensions of your rolls, you can be notified by phone 24 to 48 hours in advance of the delivery of your grass to set an appointment. This will for example be the case for a roll between 3 and 4 meters, or other dimensions if greater than 30kg.