10 received ideas about artificial grass

10 received ideas about artificial grass

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Making the choice to install artificial grass to beautify his garden or to decorate the border of his pool can be the subject of several received ideas. Previously, the artificial grass was mainly reserved for sports use but then became more democratic towards the ornaments of balconies, terraces and gardens of individuals. Let's review the main ideas received on artificial grass.

Artificial grass and the environment

A garden of 100 m2 in natural grass consumes on average about 50 000 liters of water per year ! To arrange your spaces with artificial grass will thus allow you to save a considerable quantity of water each year. Moreover, the economy will be also realized on the side of the inputs necessary to make push a natural lawn, used in more or less excessive quantity according to the expected results and the surrounding climate. Finally, an artificial lawn does not need to be mowed to give the illusion of an impeccable and perfectly maintained lawn, so it is also a saving of energy and time.

Artificial grass on a garden

Doesn't artificial grass drain away rainwater ?

On the contrary, our artificial grass has been designed to be permeable. Through holes placed in a grid every 10cm at the level of the back, the permeability of our turf is 60L/min/m², the equivalent of a very heavy rain. To avoid any stagnation, we recommend checking the proper drainage of your surface before installing artificial grass. 

Are artificial grass and pets incompatible ?

Your pets are compatible with our artificial grass. All our artificial grass do not contain or release any heavy metals, have a resistance to tearing standard, and are easily washable. The strands will not turn yellow when in contact with your pet's urine unlike a natural lawn. To clean your artificial grass, simply use a little soapy water to remove stains and odors.

Dog lying comfortably on a fake lawn

Is the durability of artificial grass unreliable ?

Our artificial grass is guaranteed against UV between 6 and 10 years. This index of resistance is provided as an indication, knowing that the artificial grass can be kept longer. Indeed, the general average life of an artificial grass is about fifteen years, all depends on how much satisfaction the coating is kept on the aesthetic appearance.

Isn't artificial grass comfortable ?

On the contrary, we put the comfort as a primary characteristic to rate the artificial grass. Here is a reminder of our selection criteria :

- Softness
- Resilience
- Comfort
- Garantee

The higher the density and height of artificial grass, the more comfortable it will be. The fineness of the strands and their shape will provide more or less softness to the touch. Exelgreen guides you with a rating of its artificial grass for each of the criteria previously mentioned so that your choice of artificial grass model is facilitated.

Doesn't the realism of artificial grass equal a natural lawn ?

Guarantee of quality regardless of the model offered, we always want to bring the best realism to our artificial grass. Now focused on this realism, all the artificial grass of our permanent range put forward 4 colors of threads : 2 for the high thread with green tendencies, 2 for the curly thread green/beige or brown/beige.

To go further, our Diamond 3D and Real C 3D range is composed of a complex assembly of high yarns called "3D yarn" which tend to reproduce to perfection the illusion of a real natural lawn. The irregular aspect of the 3D thread brings a bluffing realism whatever the height or the color. Learn more here.

Artificial grass in a large garden

Do I need a professional to lay my artificial grass ?

Easy to install, our artificial turf can be easily installed without the help of a third party. All you have to do is follow our installation guides on soft or hard ground. We can also advise you remotely on any specific questions you may have. Most of our private customers do their own landscaping with our pre-cut or cut-to-size artificial grass and accessories.

Is the price of artificial grass high ?

We offer artificial grass from entry level to the most expensive, so that each customer can find his account, always with a fair and consistent price-quality ratio. Designing your outdoor spaces with artificial grass is a long-term investment. Regarding the important surfaces, we advise you to realize a plan of calepinage.

This will allow you to have a clear and precise view on the right amount of artificial grass and the right amount of accessories to order, while minimizing material waste. It is also a valuable aid to determine the best direction of installation and thus obtain a natural and aesthetic result.
For more realism, we recommend that you choose the largest strips, as the surface area ordered will potentially be slightly larger than your installation area. You can also keep the scraps of your artificial grass for small repairs. Finally, we can offer a selection in destocking to benefit from the best offers of the moment !

Does artificial grass age badly ?

A properly maintained artificial grass will age very well. An artificial grass is much easier to maintain than a natural lawn. Watering or mowing a synthetic lawn is unnecessary, so you will have almost no chore related to gardening to keep the feeling of a beautiful green lawn and maintained throughout the year.

To maintain its appearance, you will simply straighten the strands with a broom with hard bristles when necessary, usually 2 to 3 times a year is enough. You can also use a blower to remove small debris or a little water if needed to dust it. Choosing an artificial lawn is choosing a covering that will save you a lot of time and energy.

Delivery synthetic turf in exelgreen factory

Is getting artificial grass delivered expensive, time consuming and complicated ?

Our delivery times are on average 10 working days from the time you place your order. The delivery, free from 99€ TTC of order, will be realized directly at home and with appointment according to the total weight. You can also find our artificial grass available in pre-cut rolls or cut at our partner retailers located throughout France.

Whether for a landscaping project on a small or large area, laying artificial grass is a very aesthetic and economical choice of covering. Find the one adapted to your needs among our permanent range or our destocking range !

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