Are pets and artificial grass a good idea ?

Are pets and artificial grass a good idea ?

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Artificial grass is the ideal surface for our animal friends. How do you maintain it ? What to expect with pets ? Are artificial lawns dangerous to the health of our faithful companions ? Discover the advantages and tips for keeping your artificial grass looking good for as long as possible !

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  • 1. Welcoming a pet into your home : an increasingly common practice
  • 2. Is there a special artificial grass for dogs and cats ?
  • 3. How do you maintain a beautiful artificial lawn with a pet ?
  • 4. Are fake lawns dangerous for animals ?
  • 5. What are the best artificial lawns for pets ? 
  • 6. How do I repair my fake lawn in the event of an accident ?
  • 7. At Exelgreen, what are the most resistant fake lawns ?

Welcoming a pet into your home : an increasingly common practice

For many years now, more and more French people have been welcoming pets into their homes. Dogs and cats are the most common pets, closely followed by rodents and birds. They acclimatize very well in apartments or dwellings with gardens. They can, however, damage your garden's natural turf with their claws, paws or play. Artificial lawns are an advantage for your 4-legged companions.

Existe-t-il une pelouse artificielle spéciale pour nos chiens ou nos chats ?

Rest assured, all our artificial lawns are compatible with dogs, cats and other pets. They've been tested to withstand strong tearing forces, so there's no danger to their health !

Our artificial lawns have been designed according to a number of criteria, including softness, comfort, warranty and height. They're perfectly suited to your pets' paw pads, and you can be sure that they won't mind rolling around in your artificial grass over and over again !

If your artificial grass is soft to the touch under your feet, it will be just as soft under your pet's paws. Another advantage of using artificial grass is forgetting about the numerous dirt and mud marks under your pet's paws !

How do you maintain a beautiful artificial lawn with a pet ?

Maintaining a beautiful artificial lawn is simple. Remember that a shorter artificial lawn will be easier to clean than one with long strands. To clean up your pet's droppings, remove the excess, rinse the area with a little soapy water or a little water and vinegar, and you're done !

Our artificial lawns are designed to drain, so they're easy to clean ! If you use a water jet, make sure the pressure is low so as not to damage your artificial lawn.

Unlike natural lawns, they won't turn yellow even if your dog or cat urinates on them. If your four-legged friend is fond of playing, don't worry. A simple sweep with a stiff bristle broom will straighten out your artificial lawn in a second ! There are also special deodorizers for dogs and cats, but generally a little water and white vinegar is all you need to disinfect your lawn.

Are fake lawns dangerous for animals ?

Our artificial lawns are absolutely safe for your pets, your children or even your guests. There's no need to use chemicals to protect them from unwanted insects, and no need to use fertilizers to grow them. They have been manufactured in compliance with numerous safety standards to ensure your own safety.

Another significant advantage is that, with a fake lawn, you can forget about the risk of allergies ! Artificial grass doesn't give off any allergenic substances, nor is it a friend to ticks, fleas and other pests. With a synthetic lawn, you'll save yourself unnecessary vet bills !

What are the best artificial lawns for pets ?

In short, to choose the best artificial grass for your pets, simply follow the criteria that are most important to you. Do you need a short, resilient artificial grass to avoid maintenance as much as possible ? Do you prefer light or dark artificial grass ? How many m2 do you need for your project ? How important is the softness of your artificial grass ?

Then, if you'd like to compare and touch our grass, order our sample box and receive a preview of our 18 permanent lawns. In A5 format, it's easier to get a feel for the final look, and even your pet will be able to walk on it !

How do I repair my fake lawn in the event of an accident ?

Although our artificial lawns are extremely hard-wearing, you can never be sure that they won't suffer an accident. Let's imagine that your artificial grass is torn apart by a bad bite, paw, cigarette or barbecue burn ! To avoid any damage, we recommend that you first save a few scraps of your fake lawn.

Then carefully cut out the damaged area and, using splicing tape, glue your artificial lawn back together as you would a conventional splice. Test the area so that it's completely covered, then apply strong pressure to reattach your artificial grass. Brush it in the opposite direction and it will look as good as new !

At Exelgreen, what are the most resistant fake lawns ?

At Exelgreen, we've graded our artificial lawns according to a number of criteria. The higher you go, the more realistic our artificial grass becomes ! For example, our Diamond 3D and Real C 3D models are the result of a unique "3Dtechnology. In concrete terms, these lawns are made with an assembly of 3 threads of different shapes and colors, plus curly threads that give them the impression of a real lawn ! Extremely comfortable and resilient, they're maintenance-free, so they save you a lot of time.

If you opt for a short blade, the result will be similar to a very short grass cut. Comfort will not be optimized, but the budget and maintenance will be minimal.

If you opt for medium blades, you'll combine softness and comfort. The appearance of your lawn will be similar to that of freshly mown, impeccable grass.

For maximum comfort, you'll be impressed by long blades, which combine all the advantages of artificial grass with the added look of a magnificent, dense, well-stocked fake lawn.

In conclusion, artificial grass is the ideal partner for our animal friends. Safety, comfort, maintenance : these are the many advantages of artificial grass, so why deprive yourself ? Discover our permanent models or our discontinued range and make the best choice for you and your pet !

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