7 practical tips for installing, choosing and customizing your artificial foliage

7 practical tips for installing, choosing and customizing your artificial foliage

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With Christmas just around the corner, are you thinking of adding some greenery to your decor ? How do you choose and personalize your artificial foliage ? Here are a few simple tips to help you create your own sensational plant decoration !

How to optimize the installation of your artificial foliage with the help of an attachment plan ?

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First and foremost, if you're planning to install artificial foliage over a large area, we strongly advise you to draw up an attachment plan. As our artificial foliage measures 1mx1m, this will enable you to calculate the exact number of walls you'll need. If not, simply assemble 4 panels to form a complete plant wall.

When drawing up your attachment plan, take into account the total surface area to be covered. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to come back to us - we'll be delighted to help you with your project !

How much does artificial foliage cost and how do I choose it ?

Of course, the price of artificial foliage can vary according to its composition. For a low-cost plant wall, we invite you to discover our simple models. These foliages are composed of a single artificial plant and are ideal for decorating a fence, for example, or for hiding from your neighbors.

For a more natural look, our structured artificial foliage offers more possibilities. Composed of at least 5 plants, you can choose from a range of decorative moods : jungle, exotic or flowery, all you have to do is choose !

Last but not least,our premium artificial foliage is the perfect addition to any decor ! These foliages are made up of 10 to 15 plants, and the effect is simply incredible. You can even mix and match models for even greater originality !

The price of our artificial walls ranges from €26 to over €200, depending on the realism and number of plants required, so we have something to suit every taste and budget.

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How to fix your artificial foliage for the long term ?

Once you've finished your plan and chosen your artificial foliage, all you need to do is select the appropriate fasteners to secure it. Firstly, to make up each panel of your foliage, you can assemble them using the fastening clamps supplied in the box. Each artificial foliage panel weighs between 3 and 7 kilos and hangs like a picture.

You can nail them to your wall indoors, hang them with clamps on wire mesh, or screw them in directly if your surface allows. Take care to hang them tightly together for a sensational, natural result. Don't hesitate to mark out reference points on your surface to make sure you align them correctly.

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Decoration ideas : DIY and artificial foliage

Very easy to install, if you like manual activities such as DIY, with artificial foliage you can give free rein to your imagination. You can mix and match models to create your own soothing, cocooning plant garden. With Christmas just around the corner, why not add a garland of lights, garlands in the color of your choice or even baubles ?

What's more, artificial foliage can be installed in any room in your home ! Some of our customers use them to create shapes, pictures and decorations, or, for example, to enhance a bathroom mirror... With our foliage, you have an infinite number of possibilities for creating the plant decoration that suits you best !

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How do I maintain my artificial foliage ?

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Here's more good news : maintaining your artificial foliage is easy ! All you need is a slightly damp cloth and a dusting whenever you feel it's necessary. Artificial foliage doesn't need watering or pruning, and won't shed its leaves either.

Artificial walls can be hung even in the darkest rooms of your home, as they don't need any particular light input, making them the ideal trendy decorating accessory ! And if you like, you can always complete your installation with matching artificial plants. Maintenance of artificial foliage is undoubtedly the first advantage of keeping a beautiful green space for many years without having to worry about it.

How long does artificial foliage last ?

Our artificial plant walls are guaranteed against UV rays for 5 years, so you'll be able to keep them for many years to come. Of course, these guarantees are only indicative : our artificial foliage is resistant and long-lasting.

Plant foliage has other advantages too : there's no need to use chemicals such as pesticides or fertilizers, no need to install expensive watering systems, and you'll avoid the many allergy problems caused by natural plants.

Finally, even when they're installed outdoors, artificial foliage is not affected by climate change. Today, many local authorities, restaurants and businesses are installing artificial plant walls to create memorable, timeless atmospheres.

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What are the disadvantages of artificial foliage ?

Artificial foliage, as the name suggests, is made from plastic, so some of you may find it a little less natural than a natural plant wall.

Nevertheless, it's a durable, solid, creative and virtually maintenance-free decoration. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and as we explained earlier, you'll be able to keep it up for many years to come.

In many areas, a beautiful, planted environment can help to calm the mind and make you more productive. At Exelgreen, we're committed to providing you with quality products, and we take great care in developing our product range.

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Decorating your living spaces with artificial foliage is an excellent idea if you want a plant decoration that's easy to install, maintain and completely customizable. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts will be able to create a planted decoration quickly and easily ! Come and discover our range of plant walls, and don't hesitate to contact our teams if you have any further questions.

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