Artificial ivy, the trendy artificial plant that can't be ignored

Artificial ivy, the trendy artificial plant that can't be ignored

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Artificial ivy is undoubtedly the trendiest artificial plant for this season. This artificial plant comes in a variety of forms and is so easy to care for it becomes a must-have decorative accessory ! Discover all the advantages of artificial ivy to give your living spaces a unique ambience.

Why is artificial ivy the trendy artificial plant ?

You don't need a natural hand to keep your plant decoration on trend ! Artificial ivy has become increasingly popular and is now the trendy artificial plant. Choosing to decorate your environment with artificial ivy is an excellent compromise compared with natural plants.

Ivy is a timeless plant that can be installed in many different ways : as a hanging plant on a shelf, as an artificial plant wall, or even as a light garland in a bedroom.

The possibilities are endless for creating unique living spaces with this trendy ornamental plant ! Finally, artificial ivy is also widely used for events such as weddings and ceremonies, so this artificial plant has nothing but advantages.

exelgreen artificial ivy

What are the differences between artificial ivy and natural ivy ?

Natural ivy is a difficult climber to maintain over time. Admittedly, it doesn't need much water to survive, but natural ivy can't stand temperatures that are too hot. Artificial ivy, on the other hand, can resist all temperature variations, doesn't need watering and can be installed in any room of the house. In addition, natural ivy is known for its invasive properties, so it's a high-maintenance plant compared with artificial ivy !

At Exelgreen, we offer plant walls that can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Artificial ivy is an ideal decorative asset to enhance any living space ! Last but not least, their anti-UV treatment makes them resistant to the sun's rays over time. Artificial ivy is therefore a hardy, long-lasting plant that will make you forget all the hassle of maintaining real plants.

How to hang trendy artificial ivy ?

As you can see, trendy artificial ivy can be hung in any room in your home. If you opt for one of our artificial plant walls, all you have to do is adapt the type of fastener to the surface you want to install it on. Fixing clamps are supplied with your ivy model to secure the plates together. Then fix them as you would a picture at home.

Sometimes, if your project is large, you can draw up an attachment plan beforehand for easier installation. Trendy artificial ivy models come in a variety of shapes, so you'll need to make a choice to select the one that best suits your decorating project !

plant wall ivy on a wall

Can trendy artificial ivy be installed outdoors ?

Yes, Exelgreen artificial ivy can be installed outdoors. Our plant walls are guaranteed UV-resistant for 5 years, so they'll stand the test of time. Using ivy plant walls as a privacy screen will give you a trendy look, hide you from prying eyes and make your neighbors jealous.

Our artificial ivy needs no maintenance to retain its original shape. Forget about maintenance chores such as using chemicals, pruning or watering. Exelgreen plant walls are not sensitive to temperature variations like natural ivy. For the best possible long-term performance, check the strength of your support and fastenings.

What are the advantages of a trendy ivy artificial plant wall ?

To sum up, artificial ivy has many advantages. It requires no special maintenance, apart from perhaps a dusting with a soft cloth if the need arises. Easy to install, you don't need a green thumb to enjoy trendy plant decoration all year round. Opting for an artificial ivy plant wall means choosing a realistic, aesthetically pleasing decoration that lasts over time. In short, artificial plant walls offer nothing but advantages !

Creating a green space in your environment also helps reduce stress, promotes concentration and enhances feelings of well-being in general. Let yourself be seduced by the realism of artificial ivy plants and green your spaces for ever greater well-being.

Artificial plant wall

How do I choose my artificial plant wall ?

Ivy is certainly the trendy artificial plant, but there's no accounting for taste. Our range of plant walls is extensive, so you'll have the choice to be seduced by another model.

Our simplestructured and premium walls are designed to let your imagination run wild. They are composed of 1 to 15 plants, depending on the model. Delivered in sheet form, they're all easy to assemble.

Would you be tempted by a tropical atmosphere ? Jungle or colorful and flowery? City walls from the premium collection can be assembled together to avoid redundancy in your project. Incredibly realistic and maintenance-free, Exelgreen plant walls are now the obvious choice for greening indoor and outdoor spaces.

How to choose an artificial plant ?

As you can imagine, at Exelgreen we like to offer you a choice, so we've naturally created a range of artificial plants. Our artificial plants are delivered to your door, ready to use, and just like green walls, they require no maintenance. Choosing an Exelgreen artificial plant means choosing a long-lasting plant decoration, so you can install your plant anywhere in the house and keep it for many years.

Guaranteed UV-resistant for 5 years, they'll adapt to both indoor and outdoor environments, and won't discolor over time. In line with our green walls, we offer a range of ambiances : small tropical plants, boxwood-type mini-shrubs or decorative balls for your outdoor spaces.

artificial green wall

When it comes to greening up your living spaces, the alternative of artificial plants is the ideal solution to avoid the many chores associated with real plants. Artificial ivy can be adapted to a wide range of surfaces and decorating projects, making it the ideal trendy artificial plant ! Embellish your decor with an artificial ivy wall and you'll be right on trend.

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