10 good reasons to buy artificial plants

10 good reasons to buy artificial plants

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In our busy lifestyles, caring for plants or greening our interiors can sometimes take up a lot of time and energy. Artificial plants are the solution for combining nature and practicality ! Let's discover together 10 good reasons to invest in artificial plants for a sublime, effortless plant decor.

Artificial plants : practical, sustainable and economical

It's a fact : buying artificial plants will certainly save you money in the long run. There are a multitude of models on the market, and false plants don't need to be watered or pruned to keep their shine !

They come in all shapes and sizes, so prices can vary depending on the plant you choose. At Exelgreen, for example, the price range is between €50 and €70. You'll be able to keep them for many years to come, as they're also guaranteed against UV rays for 3 to 5 years ! Reinventing a greener environment has never been easier.

It's possible to decorate any interior or exterior space with artificial plants !

Secondly, artificial plants can be installed in absolutely any room in your home ! They don't need any light to survive, so you can plant every nook and cranny of your home without any constraints.

For example, it's becoming increasingly popular to install artificial plants in bathrooms, kitchens and even offices ! What's more, if you like to do-it-yourself or make your own decorations, you'll have plenty of time to change their pots to personalize them.

False plants and maintenance : Goodbye to constraints !

One of the main advantages of buying a false plant is undeniably its minimalist maintenance. You won't have to do a thing, just dust with a soft cloth or feather duster, and that's it !

No chemical fertilizers are needed for your artificial plant, so forget the hassle of watering or pruning. You don't need a green thumb to keep your beautiful plant looking great all year round ! Made from polyethylene, they'll be your decorative ally for years to come. And remember : artificial plants means time-saving !

False plants and realism : Truer than life

Nowadays, the realism of artificial plants has nothing to envy to real plants. Their manufacture is geared to numerous details : foliage, colors, leaf shapes, etc. They have become a highly sought-after decorative option, suitable for many budgets and with multiple designs !

Our Monstera's false plant, for example, is a very elegant 120 cm high model, perfect for adding an exotic touch to your living room. The Japanese Cycas, a famous small Japanese shrub, is ideal for embellishing your terrace or veranda. What's more, our fake Cycas is completely harmless to your pets, which is not the case with its natural version. At Exelgreen, each plant is carefully selected for its quality, realism and elegance, so I invite you to discover our range of artificial plants here.

Artificial plants or plant walls - the right choice

Artificial plant walls are another option for creating hassle-free plant decorations. Make no mistake, Exelgreen artificial green walls will look great in your home or as a visual break from prying eyes.

What's more, some models, like our premium models, can be mixed together for a sensational result ! Every year, we offer plant walls with unique designs to please as many of you as possible. Easy to install and guaranteed for 5 years against UV rays, greening your environment has never been easier ! Are you more into Urban style ? Jungle ? Forest ?

Artificial plants for an allergy-free environment

Artificial plants are the ideal accessory if you or your children are prone to allergies.

Since they're made from polyethylene, there's no risk of causing an allergy to one of your family members or office colleagues ! There's no need to use chemicals to maintain your artificial plant, they don't produce fruit or pollen, and they're highly resistant over time. Exelgreen artificial plants are the ideal alternative for reinventing all your spaces and adding magnificent touches of greenery, always without constraints !

Is it possible to improve well-being at work with false plants ?

Numerous studies show that working in a greener space is good for your employees' morale. Greening a workspace is therefore an excellent idea for contributing to your colleagues' good mood. In fact, greener spaces not only improve stress management, they also enhance employee productivity by boosting creativity.

Installing fake plants may even strengthen the social bond between colleagues with similar interests in plants in general. False plants have nothing but advantages ! Last but not least, it's possible to create stunning decorations with little investment : let your imagination run wild.

Artificial plants are our pets' friends

Artificial plants won't shed their leaves, and there's no risk of poisoning, so they're safe for your pets or even your children. Exelgreen fake plants are designed to be strong and durable over time.

The quality of our products is important, whatever the plant, the green wall or even the artificial grass you choose. Numerous tests are carried out to guarantee the strength and conformity of our products.

Artificial plants for timeless decoration

When it's about buying an artificial plant, you have many choices. At Exelgreen, we offer several sizes (small or large plants), several shapes (flowering, drooping, exotic) and of course at all prices.

The choice of your fake plant will also depend on the location chosen for it and the desired result. Will you go for ivy ? for a magnificent Monstera with its large exotic leaves ? or for a boxwood shrub to enhance your exteriors ?

What is the lifespan of false plants ?

A false plant is economical because it lasts longer than a natural plant : its flowers never fade ! Since they don't fear climate change or need light or water to survive, you'll be able to enjoy your false plant for many years to come.

Guaranteed between 3 and 5 years against UV rays, they'll adapt perfectly to your indoor or outdoor environment.

It's easy to find the ideal artificial plant for your home, workspace or to decorate any indoor or outdoor space. Choosing an artificial plant means choosing a trendy accessory that's easy to care for, long-lasting and allows you to create unique plant decorations !

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