How do I choose my top-of-the-range artificial grass ?

How do I choose my top-of-the-range artificial grass ?

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There are several criteria to consider when choosing a top-of-the-range synthetic grass product. You'll be able to identify the quality of the fiber, the density and height of the strands, the country of manufacture, its realism and much more. Still not sure ? Let's find out how to recognize quality artificial grass in this article.

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1. How to recognize high-end artificial grass ?
2. What is the best high-end artificial grass ?
3. Why is high-end grass more realistic ?
4. What accessories should I use to fix my top-of-the-range artificial grass 

How can you tell if it's top-of-the-range artificial grass ?

To recognize top-of-the-range artificial turf, it's first important to check its origin and country of manufacture. Some of the materials used do not comply with European artificial turf standards, so we advise you to check where they come from. Next, you'll need to consider the quality of the fibers. At Exelgreen, we use polyethylene and polypropylene. These are highly resistant materials with excellent UV-resistant properties, and they have the advantage of being soft to the touch.

Next, you can compare the density of the lawns. The higher the density, the denser and more realistic the turf. What's more, it will be very pleasant to walk on. The height of the blades also plays a role in recognizing top-of-the-range artificial grass. Often, you won't be able to find very short blades of 5 - 15mm, because this height isn't comfortable and dense enough to provide a natural look that matches the quality criteria of your artificial grass.

The warranty is also a determining factor in the quality of premium synthetic turfgrass. At Exelgreen, our premium range is guaranteed for 10 years against UV fading. And last but not least, color and appearance are obviously a decisive factor in recognizing a top-quality turf. Top-of-the-range lawns are often the most realistic, with a texture as close as possible to natural grass. Curly yarns also add density and naturalness to your fake lawn, giving it an earthy appearance.

Artificial grass in the garden

What's the best high-end artificial grass ?

The best premium synthetic grass will depend on your needs, your tastes and, of course, your own criteria. At Exelgreen, our premium range includes Real C3D and Diamond 3D turfs. They are available in heights from 25 to 50 mm, cut almost to size or in pre-cut rolls from our retail partners. These artificial turfs have many qualities, including softness to the touch and incomparable comfort underfoot. They are very natural turfs, and two shades of green are available. They are also highly resilient, guaranteed for 10 years against UV, draining and durable. All our artificial lawns are compatible with pool surrounds, and these models will beautify all your outdoor spaces in the blink of an eye.

Our top-of-the-range synthetic grass can be used for all your outdoor spaces, such as pool surrounds, gardens, terraces, roof terraces, etc. When choosing between different strand heights, note that the higher the strand, the more comfortable your grass will be, but that it may require extra brushing throughout the year. Our customers particularly appreciate heights between 30 and 40 mm, but once again, the choice of bristle height will depend on your tastes and use.

To sum up : if you like the result of a very short, high-end lawn, you can opt for a 25 mm height. This blade height is ideal if you walk on it very often or if there is a precise and frequent passage. For a strand height that combines comfort and aesthetics,38 mm heights will be your ally. This strand height ensures optimum comfort, a soft feel and minimal maintenance.

Finally, if you want the result of a very dense fake lawn with maximum comfort, opt for 50mm heights. These lawns will give you the impression of a very full lawn and give a magnificent prairie effect to your spaces.

Gazon synthétique autour d'une piscine

Why is premium grass more realistic ?

Top-of-the-range artificial grass is more realistic because the assembly and shape of its constituent strands are unique. At Exelgreen, for example, our Real C 3D and Diamond 3D grass products feature our "3D" yarn technology. This unique technology combines the assembly of 3 high-green, flat, C-shaped wires, giving them a highly realistic appearance. Then we incorporate two types of crimped yarns, brown and beige or green and beige. These curly yarns add texture to high-end synthetic grass, as well as an earthy appearance. To tell the difference, note that Real C 3D is a little lighter than Diamond 3D, but their quality and realism remain similar.

These top-of-the-range lawns are Exelgreen's pride and joy, and the result of many years of research. The irregularity of these premium grass surfaces is very close to the shape of the strands found in nature. This innovation has enabled us to create top-quality artificial turf that will suit a wide range of landscaping projects.

Our premium artificial grass will be delivered to your doorstep within 10 working days, and don't worry, our delivery drivers use trucks adapted to the environment in which they have to deliver the grass. Our transport partners have a range of truck sizes at their disposal, so we can deliver to customers anywhere in France.

Our top-of-the-range turf products are sourced and manufactured in our factory in Belgium, which explains this delivery time. All Exelgreen teams are on hand to listen to your requests and follow your order through from start to finish.

Artificial turf in a pool garden

What accessories do I need to fix my top-of-the-range artificial grass ?

Whether or not you opt for top-of-the-range grass, the type of accessory you need to fix and maintain your lawn will depend above all on the type of soil you have. On hard ground, for example, we offer fasteners in the form of double-sided tape, patch fasteners or knock-in pegs. If you want to fix your high-end turf permanently, use resin.

All these fixing accessories can only be used around the edges of your lawn. On soft ground, we recommend the use of fastening grapples or staples. These fasteners should be placed every meter or every 50 cm, depending on which you choose. Note that grappling hooks are stronger than staples because their notches hold the soil in place, so they won't rise to the surface once installed.

Whatever your soil type, we strongly recommend that you fix it so as not to impair the durability of your premium grass. What's more, on loose soil, it's very important to protect it beforehand with a layer of geotextile. You'll no doubt be keeping your quality artificial grass for many years to come, so it's advisable to install it properly from the outset.

To maintain your top-of-the-range lawn, a little soapy water will usually suffice to restore its original appearance. Brush it whenever you feel like it, and enjoy your magnificent green space !

Artificial grass in a small garden around a swimming pool

Investing in top-of-the-range artificial grass will enable you to beautify all your outdoor spaces with magnificent lawns. To find it, consider its origin, fibers, appearance and even price !  Take a look at our premium range and make your choice.

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