What is the best artificial grass ?

What is the best artificial grass ?

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It is a question that you have certainly already asked yourself, how to recognize a high quality artificial grass ? How to know what is the best grass for your landscaping project ? In this blog post, discover all our tips and tricks to find the ideal product, why you should choose us and what makes us different.

Summary : 

1. How to recognize quality synthetic grass ?
2. Synthetic grass with ultra-realistic "3D" threads: Exelgreen quality, our difference
3. What's the best synthetic grass ?
4. Which artificial grass for which surface ?
5. Maintenance and "3D" artificial grass
6. Is there an installation direction for my "3D" artificial grass ?
7. What are the disadvantages of laying synthetic grass ?

How to recognize a high quality synthetic grass ?

The materials used to manufacture a high quality synthetic grass are very important. Indeed, a bad grass can be dangerous for your health or unusable during high temperatures. It is therefore important to compare all the characteristics between the models of different manufacturers on the market.

Leader on the market for many years, our factory is located in Belgium. All our artificial grass has been tested in partnership with an internationally recognized laboratory to resist wear and tear over time. They are guaranteed against UV rays and are available in several widths, in pre-cut rolls or made to measure. The hardest part will be choosing !

Garden with synthetic grass

Artificial grass " 3D " ultra realistic threads : The Exelgreen quality and our difference

To create the illusion of an ultra-realistic artificial grass, we have created the "3D" thread. This technology is an assembly of 3 different and irregular threads, with colors approaching the natural colors of nature. Indeed, two shades of green are available : the particularity of our range Diamond 3D is to have a green aspect a little darker and earthy (the base of the curly threads is brown and beige).

The Real C 3D range will give the illusion of a slightly lighter green, but just as realistic as the Diamond 3D. Ideal for creating a green environment combining comfort, softness and durability.

If your synthetic grass will be exposed to the sun very frequently, the Diamond 3D range will be more suitable. The Diamond 3D 38 mm is the favorite reference of our customers, so why not yours ?

And that's not all : in addition to being an incredibly realistic product, you will certainly be seduced by the softness and comfort that this range will provide under your feet. The number of tufts per square meter gives them a very high density and therefore an incomparable comfort.

Finally, their level of resilience is very high, the premium artificial grass are very easy to maintain.

Large garden layed with artificial grass

What is the best synthetic grass ?

You will have understood that our Premium "3D" models are very qualitative and realistic. Our range of artificial grass "3D" is undoubtedly of excellent quality for a natural rendering incomparable.

Our " 3D " range is our premium synthetic grass range, giving the impression of a grass more real than nature. Several heights of blades are available for our models Diamond 3D and Real C 3D, you will have the choice between 2538 and 50 mm.

The budget for such realism will depend on the number of m2 you need. Please note that the price of our "3D" thread ranges is between twenty and thirty euros per square meter. Guaranteed against UV for a period of 10 years, our artificial grass "3D" will ensure your project the quality of an incredible synthetic grass for many years. 

Terrace with artificial grass

Which artificial grass for which surface ?

Our artificial grass "3D" can be used on many surfaces : balconies, terraces, gardens or even on a playground for children. They have many properties and criteria to create a warm and unique atmosphere.

The choice of your artificial grass depends mainly on your criteria related to aesthetics and the desired result. On which surface is your project focused? Do you want a very dense look for more comfort or do you prefer the look of freshly mowed grass ?

The height of the strands from 38 to 50 mm for example, will be adapted to embellish the contours of a pool and to bring a maximum of comfort under your feet.

Height of 20 to 25 mm strands will be recommended for a minimal maintenance (especially concerning brushing), to have the impression of a beautiful freshly cut lawn and more adapted for tighter budgets.

Still not sure ? Nothing better than to test it. Find our sample pack that will give you a nice overview of our 18 models, including our 3D thread range. Compare them and find the ideal artificial grass for your project ! It is also possible to see our turfs directly at our reseller partners all over France. Which is the best quality/price grass ?

Nice garden with synthetic grass

Maintenance and "3D" synthetic grass

Maintaining an artificial lawn is generally quite easy, quick and inexpensive. Be aware that a model with longer strands will require a more regular brushing. Equip yourself with a stiff broom or a brush for artificial grass and brush your lawn in the opposite direction of the installation. Thus, it will look more real than natural.

Our models "3D" are very resilient, low maintenance for a bluffing result guaranteed !

Use a little water to dust it or to remove any traces of small accidents. If odors persist, cleaning your lawn with a little soapy water will be sufficient. For tasks a little more delicate, you will find here all the details to keep your artificial grass impeccable.

Even if they are resistant, avoid using any aggressive chemicals that could damage your artificial grass, avoid using a barbecue nearby or maneuver your car on it.

Small terrace with synthetic grass

Is there an appropriate way to lay my "3D" artificial grass ?

Model "3D" or not, the direction of laying for your synthetic grass is very important for the final result. To avoid any highlighting and get the best possible visual appearance, you should unroll your strips strands heading in the direction of your eyes. Be aware that it is also recommended to reduce the number of strips as much as possible and thus create invisible joints. If the size of your project is very important, you can also call upon professional installers for more serenity.

Sunny balcony with artificial grass

What are the disadvantages of laying synthetic grass ?

Although laying synthetic grass offers many advantages, there are some disadvantages to consider. Indeed, a priori its initial cost may seem higher than a natural lawn but it is an investment in the long term. With an artificial grass, you will save water, savings related to mowing, but above all, you will save time and energy.

The UV guarantee applied to our lawns is limited in time, however, our guarantees have been given as an indication. The lifespan of an artificial lawn is about fifteen years ! Of course, this will also depend on your aesthetic criteria, but it remains a durable coating.

Finally, if a synthetic lawn is not well installed, there are risks of water stagnation despite their permeability. It will therefore be strongly advised to take care of the preparation of your floor before installation, and check the proper drainage of it. We also recommend the use of geotextile to prevent weeds from growing back, especially on an earthen floor.

Small garden layed with artificial grass

Our premium "3D" ranges have been developed to give you the opportunity to beautify your outdoor spaces with exceptional products. These are our best artificial grass ! Choosing an artificial grass Exelgreen is to choose a very high quality, realistic bluffing for the creation of unique spaces !

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