How do I clean my artificial grass effectively ?

How do I clean my artificial grass effectively ?

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Effective artificial grass cleaning is easy and accessible to everyone. What's more, it's an attractive and practical solution ! In short, whether for a terrace, a garden or around your swimming pool, creating a space for well-being has never been easier. But how do you maintain its original appearance and clean it properly ? 

How do I thoroughly clean my artificial grass ?

Cleaning artificial grass is not a complex task, but it does require a few simple, regular gestures to ensure its longevity and brilliance. Artificial grass is the solution of choice for those who want to enjoy an impeccable green space without the constraints of natural grass, such as mowing and the use of pesticides or weedkillers. However, even though it requires less maintenance, a thorough cleaning from time to time may prove useful.

To do this, start by removing debris such as dead leaves, branches and other garbage that can accumulate over time. Use a hard-bristled broom such as a road sweeper, an electric scrubber or a vacuum cleaner for small surfaces. Avoid metal rakes, which can damage the fibers of your artificial grass. A leaf blower can also be an excellent alternative, particularly useful for large surfaces.

Next, it's important to rinse your artificial grass with clean water. Use a garden hose with a nozzle to control the water pressure. Rinse evenly to remove embedded dust and dirt. This step is particularly useful if your lawn is installed near a swimming pool, as it removes chlorine residues that can build up over time.

For a more thorough cleaning, prepare a solution of warm water and soap or white vinegar. Use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the dirtiest areas. Be sure to brush in the direction of the bristles to avoid damaging them. As a last resort, wait for it to rain on your lawn, allowing nature to clean it up without your intervention.

After thorough cleaning, it's essential to straighten the blades of your lawn to restore its natural appearance. Use a stiff bristle brush and brush in the opposite direction to the blades to straighten them. Your artificial grass will look as good as new !

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How do I remove stains from my lawn ?

Stubborn stains, such as those caused by food accidents or pet droppings, are also very easy to clean. Use a little soapy water or water mixed with white vinegar, sprinkle the area in question, rinse and then brush your lawn. If necessary, remove excess dirt first.

Our artificial lawns are treated to resist pet urine stains, so don't worry, your lawn won't yellow and will retain its original lustre for many years. As a reminder, the lifespan of your artificial turf is around fifteen years. Our artificial turf is safe for your pets, and to make maintenance easier, we recommend that you opt for an average strand height of between 30 and 40 mm, and that you remove your pet's excrement regularly to prevent odors from permeating. Your pets will then be able to play to their heart's content on your fake lawn, enjoying it as much as you do !

We've designed artificial turf that's hard-wearing and very comfortable. If you love the way it feels under your feet, you'll love the way it feels under your pet's paws. Always brush your artificial grass in the opposite direction to the way it was laid, whenever necessary. In general, and depending on the frequency of use, we recommend brushing your artificial grass once or twice a year, except to remove a stain. Finally, our synthetic turf undergoes extensive testing during the manufacturing process. The strands are securely fixed and coated in latex, guaranteeing that your artificial grass is safe for your pets and children !

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What's the difference between a vacuum brush and a cleaning brush for cleaning my lawn ?

When it comes to maintaining your artificial grass, choosing the right tools can make all the difference. Among the options available, vacuum brushers and cleaning brushes are two effective solutions, but they have distinct functions.

The vacuum brush, for example, combines the functions of a vacuum cleaner and a brush. It is designed to effectively remove debris, dust, dead leaves and other dirt that may accumulate on your artificial lawn. Vacuum brushes have the special feature of vacuuming and deep-cleaning your artificial lawn in a single movement. These models are often a little expensive, but very useful depending on the surface area of your project.

Brush cleaners, on the other hand, focus mainly on brushing the blades of grass for a clean, well-maintained result all year round. It's ideal for easily restoring volume and texture to your artificial lawn. Its handles are adjustable and its operating time is around 25 min.

The cleaning brush is equipped with special brushes designed to penetrate between the blades of grass and straighten them without damaging them. What's more, by straightening the blades regularly, this tool helps prevent compaction and flattening of the turf, thus prolonging its life. Unlike the vacuum brush, it has no suction function. At Exelgreen, we offer you a reliable, ergonomic electric cleaning brush that's easy to use.

If you're looking for a multi-purpose tool capable of cleaning debris while straightening grass blades, the vacuum brush is the ideal option. It's particularly useful in environments where the lawn is often exposed to dirt and leaf litter. If your main aim is to keep your lawn looking neat and tidy without any effort at all, an electric brush-cleaner is all you need. It's perfect for regular upkeep and for preventing the grass from settling.

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What strand height to choose for simple, effective cleaning ?

The height of the blades of your artificial grass plays a crucial role not only in the aesthetics, comfort and density of your lawn, but also in its ease of maintenance. That's why it's important to choose the right blade height for your requirements and layout. Firstly, if you want artificial grass that's easy to clean and highly resilient, then strand heights between 20 and 25 mm are for you. These are thinner synthetic turfs, so dirt and dust are less likely to get trapped in the blades. Note, however, that these artificial turfs are not the most comfortable.

Then, if you're looking for a little more comfort but still want to strike a balance between a natural look and minimal maintenance, then strand heights between 30 and 40 mm will certainly appeal to you. These heights are ideal for our pets, and are always easy to clean and maintain. Note that these are the heights of blades most appreciated by our many customers, particularly for planting around swimming pools or creating a real wellness area.

Finally, if you're looking for maximum comfort and breathtaking realism, you'll get it with 50 mm bristle heights.  Extra brushing may be necessary every year if you walk on it a lot, but these lawns will give you the impression of having a magnificent, extremely dense, soft and comfortable lawn.  To clean it, you can use a light blower or low-pressure water jet, brushing it when you feel it needs it to regain its full volume.

As you can see, the ideal bristle height will be that associated with your project ! Please note that our cleaning brush can be used on all our lawns, whatever their height. In conclusion, your choice of artificial turf will also depend on your preferences. We also offer different guarantees against UV fading.  The price will also help you determine the ideal artificial grass for your future landscaping !

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Choosing and maintaining artificial grass can transform your outdoor spaces into true havens of peace, while reducing maintenance effort compared to natural grass. You'll need little effort to clean your lawn thoroughly, so be sure to check out our range of permanent lawns, or go bargain hunting and discover our clearance models !

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