How to maintain my artificial grass ?

How to maintain my artificial grass ?

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The maintenance of artificial grass is not as restrictive as the maintenance of a natural grass. Economic and durable, you can enjoy your artificial lawn without worrying about watering or mowing, it will remain green and aesthetic all year. Nevertheless, your synthetic lawn is not safe from small accidents of daily life or the frequent passage of your guests during your moments of sharing and conviviality. Discover all our tips to easily maintain your artificial grass.

How to remove dead leaves and weeds on artificial grass ?

Depending on the season, the dead leaves can cover your synthetic lawn. To restore its splendor, we advise you to brush your artificial grass with a broom with hard bristles in nylon (broom of roadside) or use a blower. Avoid metal rakes to preserve the fibers of your artificial grass.

If your artificial grass is laid on a smaller area such as a balcony or a terrace, you can also use a vacuum cleaner like at home. Sometimes, the simple use of a shovel and a brush can also be sufficient. Brush your lawn as many times as necessary depending on its use but always in the opposite direction of the slope of the blades.

Concerning weeds, we advise you to weed (preferably with a natural weed killer) your surface before installing your artificial grass, this will limit their appearance.

We invite you to find our technicals intructions guides for the preparation of your ground if you need more information.

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How to remove a stain on your artificial grass ?

Our first advice, do not let the stain on your synthetic lawn. For example, if it is food, clean your lawn surface without rubbing it as you would have done with a stain on your sofa and as soon as possible. Let food soils dry before brushing them off.

Rest assured, whether it's your pet, food stains or a spilled drink, your artificial grass will remain intact. To remove stains such as your pet's urine, rinse thoroughly with clear water after sponging. You can also use soapy water to remove bad odors and for a gentle cleaning. For stubborn stains such as chewing gum, apply ice cubes to the area to solidify the gum for safe removal.

Moisten your artificial grass with a jet of water at low pressure will also be advisable from time to time to thoroughly dust your artificial grass, and restore its original color. You can also simply wait for the rain for a cleaning even more economical and natural !

How to straighten the strands of a synthetic lawn ?

Depending on the frequency of passage on your artificial lawn, the strands will tend to lose slightly their resilience. They will not be damaged but may gradually settle. To remedy this, take your broom or your electric brush and brush the strands of your artificial grass in the opposite direction of their orientation. Your artificial grass will instantly regain its flexibility and its initial softness. The brushing of your lawn is to be done as many times as necessary but in general, once or twice a year is sufficient.

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How to ensure the longevity of artificial grass ?

Artificial turf can be installed throughout the year, but it will be easier to install during the spring because of the warmth of the environment. The heat will make the material easier to handle. Exelgreen artificial grass comes with UV protection for 6, 8 or 10 years but their longevity goes beyond these guarantees. It is also recommended not to put too heavy objects on your artificial grass such as a passing car that could damage it.

Nevertheless, all our artificial lawns can be adapted to all uses such as children's playgroundsgardens, your balconies, your terraces... Avoid walking on your artificial grass during periods of frost to avoid breaking your strands.

If you have no choice, we recommend you to remove the excess snow with a flexible shovel such as rubber to avoid damaging the strands of your artificial grass and to finish by using a light blower.

How to repair your artificial grass ?

For small repairs : If a strip or the edge of your artificial grass is detached in a place where the frequency of passage is high, we recommend that you repair it as soon as possible. It is easier to repair your artificial grass when it is not raining.

To repair it you will first have to clean the floor of the damaged area, then use a pre-sticked joining strip under the loose edges, apply strong pressure on it and leave it for at least one day before brushing it. Lay your artificial grass strip in the same direction as the previous installation.

For major repairs : If a large part of your artificial grass is damaged as a result of a domestic accident, we recommend cutting it off and replacing it with another piece of grass cut to the exact same dimensions. For invisible seams, we also recommend the use of pre-glued seams.

To finish, apply strong pressure but take into account the direction of installation of your artificial grass for an optimal result.

To learn more, find all our repair guides and download our technical guide.

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Practices to avoid for the maintenance of your synthetic lawn

Beware, corrosive and toxic products are to be avoided ! Also avoid using your barbecue near your artificial grass, these are flammable products and any damage due to a burn of your artificial grass is irreversible.

Develop your outdoor spaces with one of our synthetic lawns will require little maintenance for an optimal result, friendly and unique ! If you choose an artificial grass, you will no longer have chores related to gardening and you will enjoy a beautiful green lawn maintained throughout the year. Artificial grass is an economical, durable and easy to maintain landscaping solution.To learn more, discover our tips for choosing your ideal artificial grass Exelgreen.

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