Synthetic grass for professionals : How can I become an Exelgreen partner ?

Synthetic grass for professionals : How can I become an Exelgreen partner ?

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Are you a landscape professional looking for quality artificial grass to offer your customers ? At Exelgreen, we offer a wide range of high-quality artificial grass models. Above all, we offer our partners attractive conditions.

Synthetic grass at negotiated rates for professionals

Are you a landscape professional looking for low-priced synthetic grass ? We've been working for many years with landscapers on the French synthetic grass market, as well as with private individuals. To meet the needs of professionals, we have created a dedicated professional area called "Global Landscape".

If you choose to join our network, you'll enjoy a host of advantages as a professional. Our community of landscapers can take advantage of preferential prices, a simplified platform for placing orders, the possibility of downloading invoices directly from your space, gifts and discounts linked to your loyalty, and expert sales representatives who can give you advice and monitor your project.

Choosing Exelgreen artificial grass means choosing artificial grass at the best value for money.

Beautiful garden with swimming pool and artificial grass

What's the best artificial grass for professionals ?

For professional-quality artificial grass, we recommend our 8-year and 10-year warranty ranges. If you suggest our premium range to your customers, you'll be sure to get an ultra-realistic installation result that lasts over time. Our 10-year warranty range includes Diamond 3D and Real C 3D.

These lawns are available in two shades of green, very dense and pleasant to the touch, and are our customers' favorite models. All our ranges are available on our Global Landscape platform. If your customers' budgets are a little tighter, our range of synthetic grass with an 8-year warranty, including the Natura and Campus models, will be an excellent compromise to meet their demands and develop your business while offering your customers top-quality grass.

Always available in two distinct shades, these models are very popular every year. Our artificial grass is available in heights ranging from 20 to 50 mm, is chlorine-resistant and can be laid on any surface. In short, we can offer you a wide range of products tailored to the needs of all your customers, with the best pricing and logistical conditions on the market. Like over 1,500 landscapers in France, put your trust in us !

Artificial grass wall

Where can I buy artificial grass for professionals ?

To buy your artificial grass at professional rates, you need to register on our Global Landscape platform. Registration is free and simple, and will only take a few minutes. If you have any questions, you can easily contact our dedicated sales team, who will advise you on the right artificial grass or accessories and support you throughout the partnership.

What's more, you'll benefit from the reputation of Exelgreen, leader in the artificial grass market in France and the Benelux countries for over 15 years ! We also work with a large number of private customers, so we can give them your contact details if they need a professional installer for their projects. On Global Landscape, you'll also find realistic plant walls and artificial plants, also sold at preferential prices for landscape professionals.

Artificial plant wall

How do I choose my artificial grass supplier ?

As a supplier and manufacturer of artificial grass since 2006, trusting us means you can be sure of offering your customers the very best in artificial grass, plant walls and artificial plants.Our free BtoB platform created by Exelgreen will provide you with a range of very interesting offers to develop your business. It's also very easy to use, and has been designed to make it simple to take your order, track it and send it to the address of your choice.

We also offer sample boxes with our 18 permanent models to help you choose the best artificial turf for your customers. There are various suppliers of synthetic turf on the market, but with Global Landscape by Exelgreen, you're assured of certified quality synthetic grass, shipped from our factory in Belgium.

We test our artificial grass to ensure that it meets all mandatory safety standards, is tough and durable, soft to the touch, breathtakingly realistic and flawlessly permeable. Our network now includes over 1,500 landscapers in France, who have been loyal to our offer for many years.

Landscaped garden with fake lawn

Why choose quality artificial grass as a professional ?

Choosing quality artificial grass will save you from unpleasant surprises, especially as a professional ! To build credibility with your customers, it's imperative to choose the right materials. This will prevent you from having to carry out extensive after-sales service, such as re-installing the artificial grass, or having to deal with dissatisfied customers who will not hesitate to tell their friends and family about you, or post disparaging comments on the Internet.

In short, buying poor-quality artificial grass is not good for your image as a professional. If you choose to become an Exelgreen partner, you'll be offering your customers top-of-the-range services, combining your know-how with the quality of our products.

What's more, our sales staff will be on hand to help you with your purchases, should you have any difficulties or questions. We're committed to being a responsive company, and to staying close to our customers. Join our community today and let's build a long-term partnership !

artificial grass in a garden with swimming pool

If you are a professional landscaper and would like to take advantage of exceptional discounts and a way to facilitate your orders and payments, join our BtoB website and become a member of our ever-growing community. We look forward to welcoming you !

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