Balcony, terrace, garden : how to choose your false grass ?

Balcony, terrace, garden : how to choose your false grass ?

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False grass or artificial grass as it's commonly known, can be used on a wide range of surfaces. In fact, it's not just reserved for gardens, but can also enhance your terracebalcony or even your home ! So which artificial turf should you choose ?

Summary : 

  • 1. Our tips for choosing your false grass for a balcony
  • 2. Our advice for the right artificial turf for your terrace
  • 3. Landscaping your garden with false grass
  • 4. What type of false grass to choose according to your budget ?
  • 5. What are the key steps to a successful installation ?
  • 6. What are the disadvantages of false grass ?

Our tips for choosing your false grass for a balcony

Artificial grass on a balcony

Embellishing your balcony with false grass is an excellent idea ! Your balcony space is often synonymous of relaxation, well-being and, if you live in the city, a way to get away from it all. Our artificial lawns are ideal for balconies of all shapes and sizes. Our false grass is permeable, hard-wearing, comfortable and UV-guaranteed !

For unparalleled comfort, we recommend strand heights of between 38 and 50 mm to enhance your outdoor space. Our artificial lawns have a shape-memory effect that feels great underfoot : pure comfort !

Our false grass is very easy to maintain, so don't panic if one of your guests spills their drink - just a little soapy water and a brush and your false grass will be as good as new !

Why not take a look at our Natura or Campus models ?

Our advice for the right artificial turf for your terrace

Decking out your terrace is often synonymous with a larger surface area. If you're looking for comfort, softness and resilience, we'd recommend strand heights of between 30 and 50mm.

Please note that the higher the strands of your false grass, the more you'll need to maintain it. But don't worry, our synthetic false grass is very easy to maintain. To do this, you'll need a stiff-bristled broom such as a road sweeper, or an electric brush.

Tip : when you receive your artificial false grass, it will be delivered to you in rolls, well protected, which will flatten the strands. You'll need to brush it in the opposite direction to that in which it was laid, for best results.

For an attractive green terrace, why not choose one of our premium models ?

Artificial grass on a terrace

Landscaping your garden with false grass

Now let's talk garden. Depending on the surface to be covered and the desired aesthetic effect, any strand height will do. If you want a purely aestheticlow-maintenance effect, lawns measuring between 20 and 25 mm are ideal.

If you're looking for an attractive, freshly mown false grass that's just as comfortable on the terrace or balcony as it is on the lawn, 30 to 40 mm blades are ideal.

For a very dense, exceptionally realistic result, the false grass that's right for you will undoubtedly be 50mm high. Our premium models, which include Diamond 3D and Real C 3D, are aesthetically very realistic, comfortable, resilient and soft false grass. What's more, these models come with a 10-year UV warranty !

Quality is important to Exelgreen. All our lawns are tested for resistance, permeability, durability and comfort.

Artificial grass on a garden

What type of false grass to choose according to your budget ?

For tighter budgets, we also offer quality false grass, because at Exelgreen, everyone deserves a beautiful lawn whatever their budget. Our short-stranded false grass models are ideal for a wide range of projects, whether on your balcony, terrace or garden.

First, I invite you to discover our Park and Stadium models. These false grass models are available in heights ranging from 20 to 40 mm. The perfect economical solution when you want to combine comfort, aesthetics and quality at a low price. What are the differences ? Quite simply, the Stadium model will appear slightly darker than its Park neighbor. As for the height, adapt it to your project, as you would for any other model.

And if you're looking for a bargain, our stock clearance section is ideal ! The models on offer are available while stocks last in pre-cut or cut rolls, and there's plenty of choice to choose from too.

If you'd like to find out more, don't hesitate to read our blog article on the ideal thickness of artificial grass.

Small courtyard with artificial grass
Nice house with artificial grass

What are the key steps to a successful installation ?

Garden with artificial grass
Garden and pool with artificial grass

Once you've selected your false grass, all you need to do is prepare your surface for easy, successful installation. For a balcony or terrace, nothing could be simpler. Make sure your surface is thoroughly cleaned, then check that water drains properly to avoid any undesirable stagnation. Next, unroll your false grass from your main viewing point, make any necessary junctions, then fix it with tape, fixing patches, nail screws or resin all around the perimeter (approximately every metre). Brush your false grass and enjoy !

A garden usually requires a little more preparation. Make sure it's weeded, clean and flat (you can use sand to fill in any unevenness). Then lay a geotextile to prevent weeds from growing back.

As on your terrace or balcony, unroll your faux grass from the main viewing point and make any necessary joints. To fix the strips together, we recommend the use of joining strips. To fasten your synthetic lawn to your garden, this time use fastening grabs only around the perimeter. Brush it in the opposite direction to the way it was laid, and invite your friends over for an impromptu party !

What are the disadvantages of false grass ?

It's essential to note that artificial grass also has a few disadvantages to consider. Firstly, although artificial grass is very easy to maintain compared to a natural lawn, it still requires a certain amount of upkeep. For example, like all floor coverings, it can heat up in the sun. It is therefore advisable to keep a few shaded areas, with parasols for example, or to refresh it with a light, low-pressure jet of water. You'll also need to remove any leaves or small detritus that may accumulate (especially in your garden).

It is not recommended to use a barbecue on false grass, to avoid any damage that cannot be repaired, or to be very careful when using it. And above all, avoid using any chemical products to clean your barbecue, to avoid damaging it. Don't hesitate to keep a few scraps in case of minor incidents. You should also bear in mind that a less resilient false grass will require a little more regular brushing.

Nonetheless, false grass is completely safe for your children and pets, making it an excellent and safe playground for the whole family !

Artificial grass laid on a nice garden

At Exelgreen, we're committed to providing you with the best synthetic turf experience. Don't wait any longer and enhance your balconyterrace or garden with false grass for sensational results - and all with virtually no maintenance ! Are you convinced ?

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