How to lay artificial grass in 6 key steps

How to lay artificial grass in 6 key steps

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The artificial grass has many qualities, it can be arranged on all types of surfaces (soft soil or hard soil, small or large areas) and guarantees the appearance of a freshly cut grass all year.

Discover all the advice of our experts summarized in 6 key steps to successfully install your artificial grass :

Summary : 

  • 1. How to choose your artificial grass ?
  • 2. Preparing the ground before laying your artificial grass
  • 3. How to define the direction of installation of your artificial grass ?
  • 4. How to lay your artificial grass on soft ground ?
  • 5. How to lay your artificial lawn on hard ground ?
  • 6. How to maintain your artificial grass ?

How to choose your artificial grass ?

The 1st step is to choose the type of artificial grass that best suits your project. Choosing the right artificial grass is not always easy, but with our advice, we're sure you'll find the right model for your project. Can be installed on all types of surfaces as balcony, garden, you will have at your disposal a wide range of artificial grass. You can make your choice in our permanent range or our destocking range. Take note that our artificial grasses are all chlorine-resistant and can perfectly sublimate the contours of your pool and allow you to create real relaxation areas.

By answering 3 simple questions, we will help you make the best choice in terms of artificial grass.

Indeed, you will be able to choose its color, its height and its longevity (guaranteed 6, 8 or 10 years against UV). As you can see, the density and result of your installation will depend on the model selected.
You will then have to determine the dimensions of your project by making a layout plan. This will allow you to measure precisely the number of m2 adequate / appropriate for the realization of your project. And if you'd like to buy our best artificial grass with "3D" thread technology, take a look at our Diamond 3D or Real C 3D models. You'll be amazed at how realistic they look !

Would you like an overview of our range ? Do not hesitate to order our sample pack for 2 €. Your pack will be refunded if you wish to order on our website.

Throughout the year, we also offer a range dedicated to destocking with an excellent quality/price ratio.

3D artificial grass

Preparing the ground before installing your artificial grass

Before anything else, it is important to take care of the preparation of your soil. Artificial grass must be laid on a levelclean and ideally weeded soil to avoid the possible regrowth of weeds whatever your surface. These are important steps to take if you want to maintain the beauty and strength of your artificial lawn over the long term. 

It's also important to use the right accessories for your soil. For example, joining strips may be needed to connect two strips of grass together, our fixing grapples will hold your artificial grass more securely on an earthen surface, and our electric brush is the ideal accessory for effortless maintenance of your artificial grass. All our artificial grass products are easy to cut with a cutter, and most of our customers install their synthetic grass themselves. 

Our advice : on loose soil, in addition to weed killer, we recommend the use of a geotextile. Don't forget to check the angle of your ground to avoid any water stagnation. Find all our advice on the preparation of your ground here.

Weed out
Weed out

How to determine the direction of installation of your artificial grass ?

Once your floor prepared, it is important to determine the direction of laying your artificial grass for an optimal and natural result. All strips must be laid in the same direction.

Place yourself at the place where your look will land most on your artificial grass, then unroll the rolls. The threads of your artificial grass must be inclined to your main point of view. Our rolls of artificial grass are delivered rolled and protected. The first time you lay your artificial grass, it's normal to have to brush it well in the opposite direction to the way it was laid to get the final result. If you're not sure which way to lay your artificial grass, don't hesitate to contact our teams for personalized advice. We'll be delighted to help !

Caution ! If the direction of installation is not respected, your artificial grass will appear shiny and the rendering will not be natural.

Man laying artificial grass
Direction of installation

How to lay your artificial grass on soft ground ?

Artificial grass can be installed on all types of surfaces, but the steps to prepare your soil or the installation accessories will differ according to your project.

On soft ground, we recommend the use of a geotextile. It must be installed under your artificial grass. This will prevent weeds from growing through your fake lawn. If you need to use sand to level your soil, you can choose to lay your geotextile underneath or beneath it. Be careful not to use sand too thick to obstruct your lawn's drainage. Then you can unroll your strips in the same direction, cut them and adjust them to your surface. Do not hesitate to keep your scraps to use them during the finishes or if a small area of your artificial grass is unfortunately damaged.

We recommend the use of pre-glued joint strips to create the most discreet joints as possible. Assemble your artificial grass strips as close together as possible. If you need to cover a large area and use professional-grade equipment, we recommend using strong fastening strips. To finish your installation, use fixing grappels all around your lawn for a long-lasting fixation. All that's left to do is to brush it in the opposite direction of its strands and enjoy your new artificial grass !

For more details, see all our installation guides for soft ground or hard ground.

Kit geotextile
Fastening grappels

How to lay your artificial grass on hard ground ?

If you need to make virtually invisible joints easily on hard floors, we also recommend the use of pre-glued joint strips or strong-fix joint strips. Please note that it's also possible to make your joints with our bi-component resin, in addition to the blank joint strips. We advise you to be very careful when making your joints with resin, to avoid sticking the strands together and damaging your artificial grass. 

Patches are generally recommended for small surfaces such as balconies or terraces.  If you opt for permanent fixing, use resin or knock-in plugs. Two-component resin is applied all around your artificial grass, to a width of around 2cm.

Beforehand, you'll need to mix the resin with the included hardener to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Find all our tips for successful resin installation here. For a permanent fixing, use resin or anchors.

Finally, brush your artificial grass in the opposite direction of the strands and enjoy !

Reminder : A balcony to be landscaped ? Our artificial grass is available in pre-cut rolls, find them at our partner dealers located throughout France or directly on our website.

For more details, find all our installation guides on soft ground or hard ground.

Join tape
Fixation on hard ground

How do I maintain my artificial grass ?

Are you done laying your lawn ? From now on, maintaining it will require just a little effort. All you have to do is brush your artificial grass in the opposite direction of the strands to straighten them with a stiff broom or with the help of our electric brush.

This technique should be repeated as often as necessary, but once or twice a year is usually sufficient. Shorter artificial grasses are preferable if the frequency of use is very high. Note that the longer the blades of your artificial grass, the more you'll need to brush them to maintain their original shape. Many customers opt for artificial grass heights between 30 and 40 mm to combine comfort, softness, resilience and density.

Most of the time, you can clean your artificial grass with a little soap and water for small everyday accidents. All our artificial grass products are compatible with and safe for pets and toddlers. Many day-care centers and playgrounds use synthetic grass to create safe play areas.

Resistant, economical and durable, they will be suitable for your pets and they require no gardening maintenance.

Broom for synthetic grass
Artificial grass

To summarize the steps for a successful installation, we recommend that you :

- Measure your ground meticulously
- Prepare your ground carefully
- Equip yourself with the right fastening materials.
- Choose the artificial grass that suits you.
- Carry out the installation
- Maintain your lawn when you see fit

If you need specific advice, our team of experts will be happy to listen to you !

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