How do I lay my Exelgreen artificial grass on a hard floor ?

how to lay your artificial grass on hard ground ?

Installing artificial grass on a hard surface such as a balcony, terrace or concrete requires preparation. Follow the steps below to optimize the installation of your artificial grass with complete peace of mind. Tip : don't hesitate to draw up a layout plan beforehand to order the number of m2 required for your project. For smaller surfaces, pre-cut rolls are also an option.

I clean and prepare my surface for the installation

Preferably, you should do your installation on a dry day, to make it easier. The floor must be smooth, and you'll need to make sure that water runs off properly. If necessary, apply a light levelling compound to even out any irregularities in the floor, fill in any undesirable slopes to prevent water stagnation, and level the surface. If your surface is tiled, make sure all tiles are securely fixed for optimum results.

Remove weeds, debris and dirt. Using a weedkiller is a possible option to ensure the adhesion of your synthetic turf to your terrace or balcony. You can also use a weedkiller, preferably a natural one, for annual maintenance to prevent unwanted weed regrowth.

Finally, sweep it to ensure a clean, smooth floor ready for installation. Preparing your floor is an important step in ensuring the longevity of your artificial grass. Remember that the lifespan of artificial grass is around 10 years.

Hand on hard surface
Area weeded
Swept area

I define the laying direction of my grass and install my strips

Determine the direction in which you want to lay your grass. The strips must all be laid in the same direction for a natural result, even around a swimming pool or tree. Stand at your main viewing point to unroll your fake grass. The aim is for the blades to point towards you.

Cut and trim the strips to cover the entire surface. Start your installation at a right angle, laying the strip straight down to ensure a nice, even fit. This step will give you an overall visual impression before fixing your artificial grass.

sense of sight
Synthetic grass installer

I prepare the joints between my strips for a hard floor

To create invisible seams between your grass strips, place them edge-to-edge so that they join perfectly. Be careful not to overlap your artificial grass strips, as this will damage the blades.

If necessary, trim and recut the edge of each strip by positioning the cutter in the middle of two lines of thread. The spacing between the lines of thread will therefore be identical. These markings on the back of your lawn will enable you to cut your strips evenly.

By reconstituting the normal line spacing, the seam will be invisible. Minimize the number of joints for an even more natural result.

Artificial grass sheets
Synthetic turf cut to size
Lines of synthetic grass

Replace the strips edge-to-edge for an invisible, clean and neat result. At this stage, the grass should have its final appearance (except for brushing) and be perfectly adjusted to the installed hard surface.

artificial grass installer

I make my joints with hard floor accessories

Raise the edge of each strip and place a joint strip in the middle. You'll find all our accessories for hard floor installation here. Pre-glued joint strips are ready to use and can be applied directly to hard surfaces such as balconies, or to soft surfaces such as gardens. You can also use blank strips with resin.

Remove the protective film to fasten the faux grass strips. The joining strips are designed to stick to one side only.

Fold the two strips together perfectly, taking care not to overlap the synthetic grass strips to avoid damaging the strands, and to check the direction of the strands.

Joining strip
Junction strip between two synthetic grass strips
artificial grass strips

Apply pressure to ensure the synthetic turf adheres to the strip, and use your feet to ensure a firm grip.

hand on artificial turf

Je fixe mon gazon sur une surface dure

For temporary, removable fixing of my lawn, use double-sided patches all around the perimeter. Double-sided patches are ideal for small areas such as balconies, and should be laid approximately every metre.

For a permanent but removable fixing, you can screw the entire contour of your artificial lawn into the ground. They should be installed every meter.

For a permanent, long-lasting hold, use our resin glue. Resin is especially recommended for large surfaces. Mix the resin to the right texture, then spread it with a notched spatula on your blank joint strip. Place the strips as previously explained and allow to dry for better adhesion. Resin glue can be used for seams and to fix your lawn.

fixing patch
removable fastener
resin bonding

Brush and enjoy !

To straighten the strands of your artificial grass, brush it in the opposite direction to the way it was laid, using a stiff bristle broom or an electric brush for artificial grass.

Your installation is complete, now all you have to do is enjoy your Exelgreen artificial grass ! Need advice for installation on soft ground ?

Sweeping artificial grass
Synthetic grass on a hard surface

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