Artificial grass for gardens

Over the last few years, artificial turf has become a fashionable outdoor product and is used for more and more different applications. To cover balconies, terraces, to decorate a garden, a swimming pool...

Artificial grass for sports

Whether it concerns school yards, multisport fields or golf greens, our clients become more and more demanding regarding the quality of the products they use. Regardless if the syntetic turf...

Decorative artificial grass

Events and entertainment professionals seek more and more often classified fire resistant artificial turf to prepare outdoor floors for sportive or cultural events or to decorate stages, exhibition stands, shop windows, showrooms….With...

World's famous manufacturers
The satisfaction of its clients has resulted in the success and the assurance of durability of Exelgreen. The purchasing department is focused on 3 key elements when selecting its European and Asian suppliers...
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  • artificial grass Atlantic Luxe
  • Lime green artificial turf
  • artificial lawn W Park
  • artificial grass Central
  • Artificial grass Queens
  • Artificial grass Safe Play
  • artificial grass Wembley Luxe
  • White artificial turf
  • Grey artificial turf
  • artificial grass Iris Luxe
  • artificial grass Méditerranée
  • Grey artificial turf
  • Green artificial turf
  • Artificial grass Natura
  • Black artificial turf
  • Lime green artificial turf
  • Blue artificial turf
  • Beige artificial turf
  • Artificial grass Stadium
  • Central 40mm - 4m x 1m
  • Artificial grass Wimbledon
  • Purple artificial turf
  • Brown artificial turf
  • Safe Play 20mm - 2m x 4m
  • Blue artificial turf
  • artificial grass Olym
  • Artificial grass Golf +
  • Red artificial turf
  • Orange artificial turf
  • artificial grass Arena
  • Artificial grass Explore
  • Pink artificial turf